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Updated: Kitty Wireless July Deals: Free Activation and 10% - 25% Off First Month of Page Plus Service

Page Plus online dealer Kitty Wireless has just announced a new free activation promotion.

Page Plus activations with a new PagePlus number (normally $9.99) are free now through 3 PM EST on 7/31/13. Click here: kittywireless.com/pageplus/freeactivation.html to activate a phone on a new PagePlus number.

If you are porting a number from another operator,  the port and activation is also free at Kitty Wireless. Click here: kittywireless.com/pageplus/freeport.html to port your number from another carrier to a new or existing Page Plus account.

New activations and port-ins come with a free $2 Page Pus airtime credit. In addition, during the month of July only, Kitty Wireless is also giving everyone who activates new PagePlus service  a coupon good for 25% a $10 Pay As You Go refill or 25% off your first month on the $12 Plan or 10% off the first month on any other monthly plan.

Activations are automated and normally take about 5 minutes. You will receive an email with programming instructions when your activation is complete. Port requests depend on the operator you are porting from and can take hours and occasionally days to complete.

The following Kitty Wireless coupon codes are still valid.

Use coupon code SAVE3 to save 3% off any Page Plus refill PIN or the first month of  month of a new Page Plus AutoPay plan. Valid through 8/31/13.

Use coupon code SERV25 to save 3% off any Page Plus online service such as ESN (phone) or phone number changes. Valid through 8/31/13.

Kitty's automated services are available 22 hours a day (orders submitted between 11:30 PM EST and 1:30 AM EST will be processed after 1:30 AM).

Applicable plans for 10% and 25% OFF the first month of service promotion are listed in the table below.

Page Plus Monthly Plans
NameMonthly Price VoiceDomestic Text/MMSData
The 12 Monthly Plan - 25% OFF$12.00250 min, overage 5¢/min250 SMS or MMS*, overage 5¢/ea. 10 MB, overage 10¢/MB
Talk n Text 1200 Monthly Plan - 10% OFF$29.951200 minutes, overage 5¢/min3000 SMS or MMS*, overage 5¢/ea. 500 MB, overage 5¢/MB
Unlimited Talk n Text Monthly Plan - 10% OFF$39.95unlimitedunlimited SMS & MMS*200 MB, overage 5¢/MB
The 55 Monthly Plan - 10% OFF$55.00unlimitedunlimited SMS or MMS**2 GB, overage 5¢/MB
The $69.95 Plan - 10% OFF$69.95unlimitedunlimited SMS or MMS*5 GB, overage 5¢/MB
* MMS data transport not included.

Page Plus Cellular, which was founded in 1993, is the oldest and and second largest (after Tracfone) Verizon MVNO. Page Plus plans start at $2.50 month for pay as you go with unlimited plans from $39.95 for unlimited talk and text and 200 MB of data. For more information see our Prepaid Operator Profile: Page Plus.

Updated 25-Jul-2013: New free activation promotion



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  1. https://www.pagepluscellular.com/plans/the-12/ says overages on the $12 plan are .05/.05/.10, not the .10/.10/.20 above

    1. Yup bad copy paste, the rates were lowered earlier this year. Thanks, post corrected.

  2. Page Plus needs to get the Blackberry Curve 9310 and sell it for approximately the StraightTalk price of $130. Then it needs to allow it to be used with the $29.95 price point.

    Doing so would probably allow them to sell the devices so rapidly that they wouldn't be able to keep the things in stock.

    (Remember, this is essentially the same technology carried by the POTUS in his hot little hand(s) until February of this year.)

    1. Tracfone is not going to do this for you. Blackberry BIS service costs them money, so they would likely add $10 to your monthly charge. Would you pay it? Probably not.
      You can use a BB 9310 now on Pageplus without BIS. Manually load service books and use Opera browser for data. You will not get BB Mail or Messenger.

  3. Kitty Wireless, on their Forum is reporting a very large increase in new customers since the Am Movil purchase of Pageplus announcement. They believe many customers are thinking it will be good to have a dealer to call instead of Am Movil when they have problems.

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