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With New Phones on the Way, Republic Wireless Cuts Motorola Defy XT Price

Republic Wireless has done some price cutting. The price of the Sprint MVNO's only phone, the Motorola Defy XT, has been reduced to $199.99 from $249.99 for users on Republic's $19 per month plan. The phone is also available for a subsidized price of $79 plus an extra $10/month for as long as you use the phone. And there's a new $50 per phone add a line discount for users who activate multiple lines of service.

The Defy is getting a bit long in the tooth so a price cut is certainly justified. Plus, back in March, Republic said that it would launch three new phones "this summer". With new phones imminent, it's time to clear out remaining stocks of the old Defy XT. The new phones are supposed to include low, mid and high end models with the top model featuring 4G LTE data!

Republic is a great value. For $19 a month, plus about $5 per month in taxes and fees, you get unlimited calls, unlimited text messages, unlimited data and no extra charge off network voice and text roaming. The low price is made possible by custom firmware on the phone that routes all calls, messages and data over WiFi whenever possible. The technology has some limitations, calls drop and reconnect when you move out of WiFi range, MMS (picture and video messaging) isn't supported and WiFi call quality can be iffy. In addition, customer support is online only. Republic isn't for everyone but the service does have a loyal following among users who are willing to accept its limits in return for the lowest priced unlimited everything service from any carrier.

Although low end and a little old, the Defy XT isn't a bad phone. It's water and dust resistant and has a 3.7" 480x854px Gorilla Glass screen, 5MP main camera with LED flash and auto-focus and a VGA front facing camera for video calls. There's a single core 1Ghz processor, 512MB RAM and 1GB of internal memory. The phone's weakest point is its dated Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS. Because the OS has been customized to support Republic's hybrid network it's not possible to replace the OS with a different ROM either.


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  1. I am assuming that the data is not actually unlimited. Or is it?

    1. Tethering is not allowed but other than that data is currently unlimited. I've haven't seen any reports of users being capped or throttled although Sprint 3G tends to be pretty slow, 200-800 Kbs.

  2. When are these new phones being added? I'd like to give this service a try but I won't until they have something other than the defy.

    1. Now one outside of Republic really knows. The new phones are supposed to arrive this summer. Summer ends Sept. 21. But Republic has a history of missing dates so it could be latter. If I hear anything I'll post it on PrepaidPhoneNews.com

  3. Republic has a habit of missing it's promises and delivering mediocre, though cheap.

  4. September 16th, and still no word from them about the new phones. What happened to "summer?"

  5. Read the entire byline here:

    Accoridng to the Triangle Business Journal (Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Dunn, NC area), Republic Wireless parent compaby, Bandwith.com CEO David Morken told an audience attending the CEO Tech Venture Conference in Raleigh, NC on Wedenesday, September 18, 2013 that one of the new handsets for it's Republic Wireless division will be announced on Thursday, September 19, 2013.

    When Triangle Business Jorurnal Reporter Lauren K. Ohnesorge asked Bandwith.com and Republic Wireless CEO David Morken for more details or a sneak peak of the new device/handset/phone, Mr. Morken replied "I can't," he laughed, clutching his pocket. But he did give the reporter a hint: "You should be able to figure it out. With what you've written lately, you should be able to figure it out."

    Supposedly, Republic Wireless will be offering three new handets/devices/phones during "late" summer 2013.

    The other question is will Republic Wireless continue as a Softbank/Sprint MVNO, move over to Verizon Wirlesss, or become a GSM MVNO with either AT&T or T-Mobile?

    If Republic Wireless introduces LTE capable devices/handsets/phones, how will this impact their business and pricing model with increased data usage over LTE? Currently, Republic Wirless customers using Sprint's 3G service receive either very slow to a crawl data speeds, or if the cell site has been upgraded, more respectable 3G EVDO data speeds.

    Two other Softbank/Sprint MVNO's, RingPlus and Voyager Mobile offer basically all you can use plans at $39.00 per month. RingPlus caps the streaming data, while Voyager Mobile does not have a hard cap. Both of those MVNO's offer LTE.

    So what phone will it be? A device/handset/phone from Google's Motorola division or another company, or maybe both?


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