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Lycamobile Ends Promotional Pricing, Monthly Plan Prices Increase by $10

Shortly after Europe's largest MVNO Lycamobile launched in the US last year they began a promotion that cut monthly unlimited plans to an amazingly low $19/month. The promotion was originally supposed to end April 30 but Lyca extended it until June 30.

Sometime in May, Lyca removed all references to the promotion ending June 30 from their site leading many to hope that the price cut was permanent. Sadly that is not the case. Today July 1, Lyca's monthly plan prices went up by $10. Also gone is another promotion that offered unlimited international calls to 10 numbers in 50 countries to users on Lyca's two highest priced plans.

I haven't heard whether the new prices apply to current Lyca customers or if they are grandfathered at the promotional rates. Update: a current user reports that he tried to renew his $19 plan online today but couldn't as only the new options were available. I take that to mean that there's no grandfathering.

It's not all bad news though, Lyca softened the blow of the price increase by adding a $2.50 international call credit and unlimited data (first 50 MB at 4G speeds) to the $29 plan and increasing the included 4G data on the $39 and $49 plans to 250 MB and 1 GB respectively. The $29 and $39 plans also now include unlimited international texts. In other good news, Lyca's very good pay as you go pricing remains unchanged.

Here's the new lineup.

Plan  Voice Texts Domestic / International Data International Calling
$29/month Unlimited Unlimited/12¢ Unlimited (50 MB at 4G speeds) $2.50 International call credit
$39/month Unlimited Unlimited / Unlimited Unlimited (250 MB at 4G speeds) $10 International call credit
$49/monthUnlimited Unlimited / Unlimited Unlimited (1GB MB at 4G speeds) $20 International
Pay As You Go 2 2¢/min (was 4¢/min) 4¢/12¢ 6¢/MB Pay as you go
1 Also includes $10 international call credit
2 Balance never expires provided an outgoing call is made or text message sent at least every 120 days. Minimum top up is $10.

Lycamobile's new prices are competive but aren't the bargain the promotional ones were. Lyca uses the T-Mobile network and the current prices are closely matched by other T-Mobile MVNOs like PTel, Simple Mobile, Ultra Mobile and Spot.

There are some downsides to Lyca including the lack of MMS support and the fact an that unlocked phone is required (T-Mobile locked phones work on other T-Mobile MVNOs). I've also seen a number of reports of issues with porting a number to Lyca including ports taking weeks to complete and Lyca being unable to port numbers that other operators can. Given these issues I no longer see Lyca as a particularly good deal among T-Mobile MVNOs.

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  1. Spot Mobile is a great other Choice for those looking for just talk and text!

  2. Their promotional rates are NOT grandfathered, so all old rates went up $10 a month.

    1. How to you know they aren't grandfathered? Did you talk to CS or renew your plan today?

  3. Hi Dennis,
    I am not the person you are asking about the previous post but I did speak with one of the CS Reps about that same topic and he kept on scripting that "Lycamobile reserves the right to change rate plan prices without notice." Hence I did not get a yes or no answer about the grandfathering. Mabybe you can have better luck calling them about that. Excellent question.

    1. I am on Lyca's $19 plan which is up for renewal on July 14, I was trying to renew today for another month, and it didn't give me the $19 option anymore, looks like I'll switch to the $25 Spot Mobile plan, since I am sending a lot of texts to Canada. Lyca's plans are definitely not so competitive anymore.

  4. Looks like they are attempting to copy Ultra Mobiles international calling credit to make up for the elimination of their $19/month promo plan that just expired.
    Regardless Ultra.me has a $19/month plan with a $1.25/month international calling credit, unlimited domestic and international SMS, 50mb/month data allotment that is shared with MMS messages, and 250 voice minutes.
    This is the best plan I have seen for any T-Mobile MVNO.

  5. What a shame. No more $19/month plan with no grandfathering. Spot Mobile and Ultra.me are the best remaining competitively priced T-Mobile MVNO's remaining. For AT&T MVNO's, Red-Pocket, Jolt, and Airvoice have the best pricing if someone wants to begin at $30/month for unlimited voice and text. Red Pocket throws in unlimited MMS, the others do not.

    1. Ptel Unlimited $40/month at half price, $20 promotion is the best-priced Tmobile MVNO. They also have excellent CS, something that both Spot and Ultra lack. Stock up.

    2. Where do you see a $20 promotion? PTel website only shows $40 for their lowest price plan. Other than their PAYGO plans that come in different denominations, there is nothing at all to indicate a promo for $20 anywhere.

    3. I read those articles and earlier ones here, and saved $177.50 on airtime and $37.50 on an iPhone 3GS from them. $215 so far, and I will order more airtime soon.

  6. Lyca to me is a prepaid mvno stuck in gear. I think their paygo rates are great for pure talker texters. Lack of mms hurts it. Porting issues cause problems. Their CS has recently gotten much faster. From 20 plus minute waits that go to voice mail to a live csr within three minutes. The quality is mediocre similar to Jolt Mobile, Next G and Prepayd cs. Outsourced Indian/foreign, and not too well informed. Ptel and Spot cost more but are better deals. Ptel does lack credit rollover beyond a year on their otherwise very good paygo plan with 5 c min/2 c text/10 c data meg plans

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