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MetroPCS GSM Launches in 15 More Markets, Adds Nokia Lumia 521 and LG Optimus F3 GSM Phones

T-Mobile announced today that it's bringing MetroPCS GSM service to 15 new markets. T-Mobile acquired MetroPCS just two months ago and is planning to rapidly migrate Metro's service and customers from Metro's legacy CDMA network to T-Mobile's core GSM and LTE technology.

The new GSM markets are :

Baltimore, MD; Birmingham, Ala.; Cleveland and Akron, Ohio; Corpus Christi, Texas; Fresno, Calif.; Houston, Texas; Memphis, Tenn.; New Orleans, LA ; Rio Grande Valley, Texas ; San Antonio and Austin, Texas; San Diego, Calif.; Seattle and Tacoma, Wash.; Tallahassee, Fla.; Toledo and Sandusky, Ohio; and Washington, DC.

Today's additions bring the total number of MetroPCS GSM markets to 23. GSM service launched previously in Boston, Dallas, Las Vegas, Hartford CT, New York City, San Francisco, Philadelphia and Atlanta.

Also announced were two new MetroPCS GSM phones, the Nokia Lumia 521 and the LG Optimus F3. They will be available starting tomorrow in select MetroPCS stores. Pricing for the new phones was not announced. The popular Lumia 521 Windows Phone sells for $149.99 on T-Mobile prepaid. I expect it will be at least $20 less expensive on Metro. Update 7/25: MetroPCS later announced that the Lumia 521 will be priced at $99.00 and will be available July 26.

The LG F3 is new to the T-Mobile stable. it's a dual core Android Jelly Bean LTE phone with a four inch WVGA screen, 5 MP main camera and a VGA front facing camera. It will be available july 26 for $149.00.

MetroPCS already sells the Samsung Galaxy S III, LG Optimus L9 and Samsung Galaxy Exhibit GSM phones. SIMs are also available and MetroPCS is running ads urging AT&T customers to bring their AT&T phones, including iPhones to Metro.

MetroPCS offers the following plans. Prices include all taxes and fees.
Plan Voice Messaging Data
$40 Unlimited Talk, Text and Data Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited (speed reduced after 500 MB)
$50 Unlimited Talk, Text and Data Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited (speed reduced after 2.5 GB)
$60 Unlimited Talk, Text and Data Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited, Unthrottled

Update 7/25: MetroPCS  EVO and COO Tom Keys told FierceWireless today that 13 of the 15 new GSM markets are current Cricket markets that are new to MetroPCS. He also said that it will take until Sept 1 for MetroPCS stores to be established and stocked in these new markets.

Source: T-Mobile

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  1. Now I have a question....Even though l have been in the industry for a while there is something that doesnt add up....the 40 and 50 dollar plan both come with unlimited 3G. Ok if l was to bring a mytouch 3G or mytouch 4G how will there back end system recognize HSPA/+...is it going to see it as 4G and tier that data or see it as 3G and unlimit it becuase tecnically HSPA/+ is 3G but for marketing purpose they call it 4G.

    1. I just noticed that the MetroPCS site is no longer claiming that plans include "unlimited 3G", it's now "unlimited data". I suspect that on GSM accounts all data is throttled after 500 MB on the $40 plan or 2.5 GB on the $50 plan.

  2. Riddle me this Batman. What's the catch on the Unlimited Everything for 60 dollars? That's cheaper than Sprint, and T Mobile unlimited everything.

    1. I don't know if you consider it a catch or not but there's no off-network roaming with MetroPCS GSM. T-Mobile prepaid has some voice and MMS roaming and Sprint as you go has voice, SMS, MMS and 2G data roaming.

    2. There is roaming, but just for talk and text on metro gsm.

    3. The MetroPCS coverage map now looks like Tmobile with AT&T partner roaming to me. The "View Terms and Conditions" box does not really say whether GSM roams to partner areas or not.

    4. You are right, the new GSM coverage map on the MetroPCS site does show "Partner" roaming areas. If anyone with Metro GSM has successfully roamed please share your experiences.

  3. It appears that as of today, July 25, 2013, MetroPCS $40, $50 and $60 plans continue to include unlimited 3G data.

    Read this:


    However, as stated in the MetroPCS terms and conditions, 3G speeds may be limited to as little as 9.3 kbps (yes, kbps!) to as much as 153.6 kbps (on average) when one uses the 1xRTT network. Speeds may increase to 3.1 mbps (on average) on the EVDO network. However, during peak periods of network congestion, average speeds on the EVDO network may average between 70 kbps and 100 kbps (mot mbps).

    In terms of network management, speeds and priortization of traffic on the MetroPCS CDMA legacy network (go down the page to "congestion management"), read this:

    http://www.metropcs.com/metro/tac/termsAndConditions.jsp?terms=Network Disclosure

    If you are a Metro PCS customer utilizing T-Mobile's GSM network, read this:



    1. The 3G EVDO, and 1xRTT speeds are on the CDMA Metro and Sprint networks that are going away in 2015.
      Tmobile already gives data speed priority to customers that have 2+GB data plans or above.

  4. Metro Pcs is now an even worse deal then it was before T-Mobile bought them. Why would anyone go with Metro Pcs instead of going directly with T-Mobile themselves? Plus there are many other MVNO's that you can go with that offer better coverage, better price and better phone selection. All from one provider. That way its more efficient. Just my 2c

    1. How is MetroPCS a worse deal using the Tmobile nationwide GSM network? Reasons to use the improved MetroPCS GSM:
      - Network speeds are much faster with HSPA+, compared to slow EVDO and 1xRTT
      - Roaming charges off the Metro network are eliminated
      - Phone selection is far greater than before. Use any Tmobile or unlocked GSM phone
      - Metro's plans cost $10/month less than Tmobile charges for the same amount of data
      - No speed limit to ~910 mbps like Tmobile's GoSmartMobile

    2. I am interested to know *any* MVNO "that offers better coverage, better price AND better phone selection...all from one provider?"

  5. It is interesting that the most recent market expansion of MetroPCS GSM is in Cricket's native markets. I guess T-Mobile wants to jab and get a leg up on AT&T before their acquisition of Leap Wireless and Cricket is complete.

    Fresno, Bakersfield and the Central Valley of California along with San Diego and Phoenix are good markets for Cricket, let's see how this new market entry by MetroPCS fares.

    Compared to the big media markets like Los Angeles/Orange County, the Bakersfield and Fresno markets are mere pennies in cost for a media buy. MetroPCS can flood those markets quickly and cheaply with huge billboard and spot television buys, really smart on T-Mobile's part.

    Even San Diego and Phoenix have historically been inexpensive cities for media buys, whether billboards, sides of the public buses, local tv spot buys and newspapers (not that the target market/demographic reads newspapers).

    The marketing whiz kids at T-Mobile in Seattle are really thinking their MetroPCS purchase through with "smart" expansion plans.

    I did a quick little check of a couple of dealers in Bakersfield, and they say that MetroPCS is offering additional incentives and "spiffs" for new lines of service, but neither of these two current dealers who sell other companies service have yet to sign with MetroPCS. One says he has enough business with his current cell companies that adding MetroPCS (at this time) makes it too cumbersome to manage the various carriers plans, inventory on hand (handsets/cards) and carrier requirements such as training, systems so for now this one dealer took a pass.


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