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PTel To End CDMA Service August 26

Longtime Sprint CDMA MVNO PlatinumTel announced last December that they were rebranding as PTel and abandoning Sprint to become a T-Mobile GSM MVNO. At the time PTel said they expected to wind down Sprint CDMA operations around the middle of this year.  

The middle of the year has passed and PTel CDMA is still up and running. But apparently not for much longer. When I logged into the My Account section of the PTel website this morning I was greeted by a message saying that CDMA service would shut down August 26, 2013.

According to the announcement, the last day to add funds to a CDMA account is July 28. PTel will be contacting CDMA customers by text and email with a code good for a free SIM and discounts on phones. Customers who transfer to the T-Mobile based GSM service will be able to keep their current cash balances.

Here's the full text of the PTel message:

In our continued efforts to provide our customers with better service and access to devices, we have been undergoing a transition to a GSM network.

As we finalize this switch to GSM we want to make sure your move is as smooth as possible. So, here are the important dates you need to know about:

July 28, 2013 - This is the LAST day to load airtime onto your CDMA account. You will not be able to add more airtime after this date.

August 26, 2013 - If you have not transitioned from CDMA to GSM, your service will be disconnected.

How do you transition?
We will be sending you a personalized discount code in the coming days via text message and email. Please ensure your email address is correct and up to date. Once you receive the discount code, just visit ptel.com and use it with your new GSM purchase. A SIM card will be provided to you free of charge and you?ll be extended discounts on our handset line up. Also remember that you can use any unlocked GSM phone with our service.
What happens to your current balance?
Once you transition to GSM, we will transfer that balance to your new GSM account.

Have more questions? Email [redacted] or click here to contact us online.
I'm been a satisfied customer using PTEL's CDMA service for over a year. The service is reliable and the one time I had to contact customer support (to have them turn off voicemail) my request was handled quickly and successfully. I'm hoping the move to GSM is as smooth and trouble free.

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  1. Got a text today from Ptel with a code for $50 off any Android phone + free SIM. The Ptel website won't let you order a phone without a top-up card purchase (and no remove from order for it).

  2. The discount code requires that you buy a top-up card, but you can choose the PayGo $10 card to minimize total cost.

    1. What is the code?

    2. The code you get is a unique one-time use only for you code.

      In my case the code would not work, Ptel sales said the system was sending out codes that had an extra character in it (CS did not know of this problem). Removing the 1st char allowed the code to work.

  3. Go with Lycamobile.Much cheaper.

    1. Our house is located in a place where we do not get a good reception from Net10 and T-Mobile. PlatinumTel, however, worked very well. Now, that we switched to PTel we don't have any reception from this company too. That's really upsetting.

    2. Many Tmobile phones support WiFi calling. Works fine for me, even on the go with my FreedomPoP 3G+4G WiFi.
      If you want to go back to Sprint service, Ting, Kajeet and Eco can activate your old Platinumtel phone.

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