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Samsung Galaxy Prevail II Coming to Boost Mobile July 11

Boost Mobile is getting another new Android phone this month. It's the Samsung Galaxy Prevail II and it will be arriving July 11 at boostmobile.com, major retailers like BestBuy and at Boost dealers. The original Prevail, which is still available, was Boost's first CDMA Android phone and was notable for being Samsung's best selling Android phone in the US.

Unlike the first Prevail which is about as low end as an Android device can be, the Prevail II is a bit more up-market, but still moderately priced ($179.99 at launch.) Although the Prevail II doesn't support 4G LTE, it runs Android Jelly Bean 4.1 and should be a capable performer with specs like a 4 inch 480x800px screen, 1.4 Mhz single core processor, 1 GB RAM, 2 GB of available internal memory, 5 MP main camera and  1.3 MP front facing camera.

If the Prevail II looks familiar, it's actually the same phone as the Virgin Mobile Samsung Galaxy Ring which was released last month.

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  1. Happy 4th of July Dennis

    I have to say one thing though. The phone looks like a mini Samsung Galaxy S series phone though.

  2. I was on Boost when they released the first Prevail. Some Boost stores marked up the price to over $250, and people brought it. The Prevail 2 has the specs to make it a decent entry level phone.

  3. The Motorola i1 was Boost Mobile's first android.

    1. but not the first cdma android ;) it was iDen,hence the "i"

    2. Technically it was still Boost Mobile's first android anyway you look at it. Iden's first and last PTT android.

  4. Great designed, ok specs, good price. To bad is not LTE.

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