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Samsung Stellar Android Phone and LG Exalt Flip Coming to Verizon Prepaid

There's a bit of buzz online over a rumor that the new Motorola Moto X and the HTC One are launching on Verizon this summer. The source of the excitement is a Verizon roadmap document that an anonymous tipster emailed to phoneArena.com.

The Moto X and the HTC One are cool phones but they probably won't be allowed on Verizon prepaid as they are LTE phones, which big red still refuses to activate on prepaid.

But buried in the leaked roadmap are references to a couple of prepaid phones:

7/28 - LG Exalt - crystal clear sound quality and the largest display available on a basic flip phone
8/20 - Prepaid Samsung Stellar

I haven't been able to find anything more about the Exalt. But a big screened flip phone will have big keys. That should make it a good choice for seniors or anyone who has trouble with the tiny text and/or cramped on-screen keyboards of many current budget phones.

We know more about the Samsung Galaxy Stellar, pictured above, as its been on Verizon postpaid for nearly a year. It has a 1.2 Ghz dual-core processor, 4 inch 480x800px screen and a 3.2 MP camera. The postpaid version supports LTE. It's likely that the prepaid model will be have LTE disabled just like Verizon's recently released LG Optimus Exceed.

The Samsung Stellar is very similar in specifications to the LG Exceed. Both have screens that are the same size and resolution and both have a dual core 1.2 Ghz Qualcomm processor. Differences include a bigger battery on the Stellar, which provides a claimed talk time of up to 17 hours vs. 8 hours for the Exceed. But the LG has more internal storage and a better 5 MP camera with LED flash and 1080p HD video capture. The Samsung gets by with a 3 MP flash-less shooter that only shoots VGA video.

Verizon sells the LG Optimus Exceed for $129.99, I expect the Samsung Stellar to go for about the same price.

Hat tip to the reader who tipped me about the Stellar and Exalt coming to Verizon prepaid.

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