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Simple Mobile Changes Plans, No Longer Claims to Offer Unlimited High Speed Data

T-Mobile MVNO Simple Mobile, which is owned by America Movil's Tracfone division, has made major changes to its monthly unlimited plans. There used to be two monthly plans.

  • $40/month - unlimited voice, messaging and data. Data speeds were throttled to about 256 Kbps (which Simple calls "3G. Although throttled data was supposed to be unlimited, users reported having their data cut off after about 3GB.
  • $50/month -  unlimited voice, messaging and data. High speed data was supposedly unlimited but users reported throttling to about 256 Kbps after 2 GB and having their data shut off after 3 GB.
Now there three plans; $40, $50 and $60. All include unlimited voice minutes, unlimited domestic and international text messaging, unlimited domestic MMS picture messaging and unlimited data. All three plans now have clearly defined throttle points. In an industry first of sorts, there are now two different levels of throttling; "3G" and "2G". I'm guessing that what Simple calls "3G speeds" is a throttle to about 256 Kbs and "2G" is so slow as to be practically unusable. The data limits and throttle points on each plan are as follow:

  • $40/month: 500 MB at "4G" (presumably un-throttled) speeds, then "3G" speeds until you hit 3GB total usage  and then unlimited "2G data.
  • $50/month: 2.5 GB at "4G" speeds, "3G" speeds until 4 GB, then unlimited "2G"
  • $60/month: 4 GB of  "4G" then "3G" speeds until 4.5 GB, then unlimited "2G"
BlackBerry owners get some good news, all three plans now include BIS (BlackBerry Internet Service). BIS used to only be available with the $50 plan.

This is an interesting move by Tracfone which has long advertised unlimited high speed data on the top plans with its Simple Mobile NET10 and Straight Talk brands


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  1. 3G at 256 kbps takes a long time to download. I am surprised some users that that much patience.

  2. Thumbs up to tracphone for their transparency, (at least for simple), and telling people exactly what to expect. I expect that those who were complaining about Tracphones dishonesty will now complain about the limits they have set.
    Some people are never happy.

  3. Wow Jeff, and it only took tracfone a decade or so!

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