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Trouble at Verizon MVNO Talk For Good?

There are signs that Talk for Good, a Verizon MVNO that launched last November, may be in trouble.

The Plans page on the Talk For Good website, which was the only place on the site to sign up for service, disappeared over two weeks ago replaced by the cryptic message "We are currently performing maintenance on the page you requested. Please check back later".

HowardForums members who called Talk For Good's toll free number at 888-649-1713 where initially told that the plans were being changed but the page would be up in less than a week. Later callers were told that a technical problem was to blame. At first phone support said that they could activate new lines of service. More recently Talk For Good representatives have said they are unable to perform activations at all.

As of today Talk For Good, is no longer answering the phone. Callers hear a fast busy signal which usually indicates telephone network problems. However PBX systems can also be programmed to deliver a fast busy when the line's owner wishes to block calls.

I hope that Talk For Good can resolve their issues. They have provided an alternative to the the big Verizon MVNOs like PagePlus and Tracfone. I haven't heard of any Talk For Good customers losing service and I doubt that will happen. Even if Talk For Good does go under, they or Verizon will likely provide a way for users to port their numbers to another operator.

Source: HowardForums

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  1. No signs of break down yet. But what has happened does not sound good. They are not "up and running" like they should be.

  2. They will go down. The first of the new breed of Verizon mvnos to do so. They didn't learn and give people what they wanted quick enough and their attitude towards dealers was way too draconian. Oh well, now we see the rise of Selectel and Next G and hopefully more Verizon Mvnos.

  3. This will happen to a lot of MVNOs. The prepaid market is already too saturated and big names like Boost, Metro, Virgin, have taken a big chunk of the prepaid market. It's really hard to gain a good customer base with all this competition and well known branded companies.

  4. I hope they stay in business because I like what they offer.

  5. Calls are not answered. Not a good sign.

  6. Why is their phone number inaccessible?

  7. Talk for Good = Out for Good

  8. just tried to log in to my account at TFG. NFG. No response at all. I think they are under...

  9. Email went out today from TFG Cust Service that confirms they are shutting down. No specific date (or reason) given except that port-outs must be done within 30 days or your phone number will be lost.

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