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With its Future in Doubt AT&T's Aio Wireless, Hints of Expansion to Miami, Atlanta and Two More Cities

AT&T "brand within a brand" Aio Wireless' Facebook page lit up this past week with more hints for the "Where's Aio" contest it's running.

Aio is very slowly rolling out its services across the country one city at a time. So far Aio is only available in Houston, Texas and Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville, Gainesville, Naples and Ft. Myers, Florida. Four more cities are supposed to launch next month with nationwide availability sometime in 2014.
The way the contest works is that Aio posts clues on Facebook which hint at what the next Aio cities will be. To play, follow you Aio on Facebook and post your guess in a comment on the Aio Facebook page to enter.  As far as I know there are no prizes in this contest.

We know from the first clue that one of the new Aio cities will be Atlanta. Here are this week's new clues and what cities I think they refer to:

"With a passenger terminal compound bigger than 45 football fields, this airport bears the proud distinction of being "the world’s busiest passenger airport." You guessed it; it’s in our next city. Where’s Aio flying next?"  This is apparently a second clue referring to Atlanta whose Hartsfield-Jackson International is the world's busiest airport in terms of passenger traffic according to Wikipedia.

"Aio is cruising into this ocean side city, which is home to the largest cruise-ship port in the world. Can you guess where will Aio be shoring up next?" This is an easy one again thanks to Google and Wikipedia, it's Miami, Florida home of PortMiami, ranked as the number one cruise ship terminal in the world in number of passengers.

"This sunny city was the birthplace of suntan lotion and will soon look on the bright side of wireless. Where do you think Aio will shine its unique brand of wireless next?" This one is tricky. Do they mean sunscreen or sunless tanning lotion? Multiple people from around the world are credited with inventing sunscreen but the only American among them is a Miami pharmacist named Benjamin Green who founded Coppertone. So this might be another duplicate clue, pointing at Miami again. Or maybe not. I couldn't find anything about where tanning lotion was invented but the company its inventor, John Abaté, founded is currently located in Scottsdale, AZ. Miami, Scottsdale or somewhere else? Your guess is as good as mine.

"The home of the largest snow skiing club is located in this city, also the home of some bright and shiny new Aio stores. Can you guess where Aio will be shining next?" Google and I drew a complete blank on this one. Do any readers know where the nation's largest snow skiing club is located?

Although the ever so slow roll out of Aio continues for now, there's doubt about the brand's future, Since Aio was launched in My, AT&T acquired Cricket. That makes a total of three AT&T prepaid brands; GoPhone, Cricket and Aio. FierceWireless thinks the Cricket acquisition puts the future of Aio in doubt. They might be right, but  two of AT&Ts competitors also have three prepaid brands. T-Mobile has MetroPCS, GoSmart and T-Mobile Prepaid. Sprint has Boost Mobile, Virgin Mobile and Sprint As You Go. If Sprint and T-Mobile can support three prepaid brands, why not the much larger AT&T?

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  1. Portland, Oregon


    1. Does Portland have the largest ski club or is it the birthplace of tanning lotion?

  2. I don't understand why you think AT&Ts plan for AIO is in doubt. Cricket only has 5 million or so costumers.

  3. I'm not sure about membership numbers right now, but Miami has been home to the largest ski club in the nation.

    As for the suntan lotion, the product was Coppertone which was originally a suntan lotion (what the clue stated) and not technically a sunscreen or sunburn lotion. That makes the answer Miami or Miami Beach.

  4. FYI - Ben Green invented suntan lotion in Miami Beach, not Miami. Miami Beach is not the same as the city of Miami.

  5. With the need for regulatory and shareholder approval plus a CDMA to GSM conversion, it'll be a long time before Cricket becomes a fully-fledged AT&T property.

    As to whether they merge Cricket and AIO, AIO with Go Phone, kill any of the services or keep then all running separately, I guess future will tell but for now, it makes sense for AT&T to continue with AIO's expansion.

  6. Aren't the $55 Aio smartphone plan and $60 GoPhone smartphone plan almost identical?

    1. There are several differences:

      - Aio's "High Speed" LTE data is throttled to a maximum of 8 Mbps and 4G HSPA+ is limited to 4 Mbps. GoPhone is not throttled to a specific speed although postpaid users may get priority over GoPhone when the network is heavily loaded.

      - On Aio, after 2 GB of Hi-Speed data, unlimited slow data (probably 256 Kbps) is available. After 2 GB on GoPhone data is cut off unless the user buys more at $10/GB.

      - GoPhone includes unlimited international SMS, Aio doesn't.

      - Aio has a a $10 per month add-on that provides unlimited calling to landline phones and unlimited SMS and MMS messaging to the 35 countries. With GoPhone a $5/month add-on includes 250 minutes of calling per month from the U.S. to landlines in over 50 countries and a $10/month add-on includes 1,000 minutes of calling per month from the U.S. to Mexico mobile and landlines, plus calls to landlines in over 50 countries.

  7. Aio still wants us to become a dealer, according to the email solicitation I received today:

  8. Aio announced Atlanta and South FL in their expansion:

  9. Here is the press release


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