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AT&T MVNO Red Pocket Increases $59.99 Plan Data to 3GB

Red Pocket Mobile has quietly increased the amount of data included with its $59.99 plan from 2 to 3 GB. The plan also includes unlimited voice and messaging, 40 international texts and  a $2 international call credit.

In other changes, Red Pocket has made adding extra data to its monthly plans much less expensive. You can now add 250 MB for $9.99 or 1 GB for $19..99. This is a big improvement, the old prices for add on data were 10 MB for $10 or 25 MB for $25.   Red Pocket is also running an promotion that gives users bonus data with August plan renewals. This month only, the $49.99 plan gets 1 GB instead of 500 MB, the $39.99 plan gets 550 MB instead of 100 MB and the $29.99 plan comes with 55 MB instead of 10 MB.

Red Pocket is the third AT&T MVNO that's improved its data offering this week. Airvoce cut its pay as you go and overage data rate from 33¢/MB to 6¢/MB, H20 reduced the price of prepaid data from 30¢/MB to 10¢/MB and also added more data to its monthly plans. H2O's $60 plan now also includes 3 GB so Red Pocket's latest change is probably in reaction to that.

Here's a table listing Red Pockets current plans and pricing.
NamePrice VoiceDomestic Text/MMS ***Data
Pay As You Go$8.33*/mo and up.10¢/min10¢/20¢30¢/MB
$13.99 7 day Plan$13.99/7 daysunlimitedunlimited10 MB
$19.99 Monthly Plan$19.99/mo250 min500 SMSNone**
$22.99 15 Day Plan$22.99/15 daysunlimitedunlimited25 MB
$29.99 Monthly Plan$29.99/mounlimitedunlimited SMS & MMS10 MB**
$39.99 Monthly Plan$39.99/mounlimitedunlimited SMS & MMS100 MB**
$49.99 Monthly Plan$49.99/mounlimitedunlimited SMS & MMS500 MB**
$54.99 Monthly Plan$54.99/mounlimitedunlimited SMS & MMS 1 GB**
$59.99 Monthly Plan$59.99/mounlimitedunlimited SMS & MMS 3 GB**
* $8.33 is the minimum monthly cost which is achieved by using a $25 top up every 90 days
** Additional data is available by adding a $9.99 (250 MB) or $19.99 (1 GB) Data Refill PIN. The additional data expires when the current monthly plan expires.
*** International texts are 10¢ each. All Red Pocket Monthly plans come 40 free international texts

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  1. I sincerely hope Airvoice, H2O, and Jolt, jump on the bandwagon as well. H2O already up'd its $30/month which is great. Airvoice and Jolt need to but it looks like they are waiting until something really competitive comes along until they decide.

  2. Just checked. H2O upgraded to 3GB as well. Airvoice and Jolt seem stubborn. H2O upgraded their $30/month already as of Aug. 1st.

  3. Since these companies are increasing their data allowance, does anyone know which plans allows you to "tether" or use the phone as a mobile hotspot? For example, Virgin and Boost used to promote the hotspot feature for an extra $15 a month and get 1 extra GB of data.

    So does anyone know if Verizon / Page Plus prepaid or other prepaid plans allow for mobile hotspots?


    1. Page Plus allows tethering. I don't know about the others off hand, check their terms of service.

  4. I'd rather have the 2 GB of LTE data and pay the same with GoPhone.

    1. Calm down, at&t isn't that classy.

  5. I'm waiting for Air Voice go join the 3 Gig Att mvno club. RP and H20 have burned too many users in the past. I don't trust them. Plus lousy cs.

  6. Airvoice is said to be getting 3GB for $60 within the next week. Of course nothing until its out their and true doesn't mean a thing.

  7. "RP and H20 have burned too many users in the past. I don't trust them."

    Care to elaborate?

  8. Airvoice, and Jolt need to upgrade their $30/month plans like H2O. Even though Airvoice has a $35/month that is practically the same as H2O's upgraded $30/month plan, Airvoice CS outclasses H2O's CS by a mile.

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