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AT&T's Prepaid Value Brand Aio Wireless Now Available in Atlanta, Miami, Ft Lauderdale and Palm Beach

AT&T announced yesterday that its prepaid Aio Wireless brand is now available in Atlanta Ga and "South Florida", which based on Aio's store locator, consists of Miami, Ft Lauderdale and Palm Beach.

Aio is AT&T's MVNO like sub brand that offers lower priced monthly plans than AT&T's own GoPhone prepaid line. AT&T is slowly rolling out Aio service one city at a time. Aio launched in Houston, Texas and Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville, Gainesville, Naples and Ft. Myers, Florida earlier this year with nationwide availability promised for sometime in 2014.

If you are lucky enough to live in an Aio market, the operator also launched a promotion yesterday that cut the price of the Nokia Lumia 620 Windows Phone 8 from $179.99 to $99.99 until October 31. Other current Aio devices are:
  • BYOD SIM card - $9.99
  • Samsung Denim -  basic flip phone - $29.99
  • ZTE Altair - basic QWERTY Candybar - $49.99
  • ZTE Prelude - Android 4.1.1 (JB) 3.5", screen - $49.99
  • Samsung Galaxy Amp - Android 4.1.2 (JB), 4" screen - $99.99
  • Nokia Lumia 620 - Windows Phone 8, 3.8" screen - $179.99 $99.99
  • ZTE Velox - Android 4.1.2 (JB) tablet, 7" screen - $179.99
  • Samsung Galaxy Express - Android 4.1.2 (JB), 4.5" screen - $249.99
  • iPhone 4 16 GB (reconditioned) - $349.99
  • iPhone 4S 16 GB (reconditioned- $499.99
  • iPhone 5 16 GB (new) -$649.99
 Here is Aio's current plan lineup and pricing
Plan Name Monthly Price Hi-Speed Data 1  Allowed devices
Aio Tablet $15 250 MB Tablets Only
Aio Basic $40 250 MB Basic Phones Only
Aio Smart $55 2 GB Smartphones Only
Aio Pro $70 7 GB Smartphones Only
High-Speed data is throttled to a maximum of 8 Mbps for LTE data and 4 Mbps for HSPA+. After the high-speed data cap is reach speed is further throttled to about 256 Kbps.

Aio Adds Throttled LTE and Two more Cities
AT&T Launches Aio Wireless Prepaid Brand in 3 Cities - Unlimited Talk, Text & Data $40/Month & Up

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  1. Does anyone know if the taxes on Aio are similar to contract plans or more like prepaid plans?

    1. Taxes are prepaid style, sales tax plus e911 fee in states that have either.

  2. Any word on plans to launch in LA?(Cali)

  3. Can you buy refill cards?

    1. Not as far as I know. You can pay on line with credit or debit cards or at an Aio store or authorized payment location or with cash or credit/debit card.

  4. Does AIO include LTE?

  5. So let me get this straight, AIO offers unlimited data up to 2gb or 7gb and throttled after that for $55 or $70 respectively, Gophone cuts you off, but your data IS LTE?

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