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Boost Mobile In-Store Only Promotion - Up to $125 Off Phone Prices

Now through Monday Sept 2, Boost Mobile is running a promotion that takes $70 off the price of the Samsung Galaxy S III, LG Optimus F7 and Kyocera Hydro Edge or $50 off the price of the Samsung Prevail II, HTC One SV and ZTE Force.  This deal is only available at Boost stores (store locator).

Here are all the in store deals:

Kyocera Hydro EDGE waterproof Android phone $79.99 (reg $149.99)

ZTE Force LTE Android phone  $99.99 (reg $149.99)

Samsung Galaxy Prevail 2 Android phone $129.99 (reg $179.99)

HTC One SV LTE Android phone $229.99 (reg $279.99)

LG Optimus F7 LTE Android phone $229.99 (reg $279.99)

Samsung Galaxy SIII LTE Android phone $329.99 (reg $399.99)

Plus, if you are porting a number from a non-Sprint based operator you are also eligible for a $55 "First Month Free" instant rebate. That brings the price of the Galaxy S III down to $274.99.

If you don't have a Boost store nearby, a variation of the deal is available online at boostmobile.com. However, the online discounts are different; $60 off the Galaxy S III, Optimus F7 and HTC One SV price, $35 off the price of the Samsung Prevail II and $40 off the Kyocera Hydro Edge's price. The $55 rebate for porting a number to Boost is not available online, but new Boost customers can get a $55 account credit for buying and activating a Samsung Galaxy S III, Samsung Galaxy Prevail 2 or Samsung Galaxy Rush.

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  1. The Google Play store also dropped the price of the 8 GB Nexus for. It's now $199, and the 16 GB is $249. For an off contract unlocked phone, it's probably the best value there is right now.

    1. The Nexus 4 had been a big letdown for me, the s3 is still the better phone.

  2. I'm still happy with my no contract Samsung Galaxy S2 Epic 4G Touch.

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