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Updated - Confirmed, Seletel Flex Card Can No Longer Be Used As a Stand Alone Plan

A month ago, new Verizon MVNO Selectel Wireless introduced a new $10 Flex Card that could be user either to pay for overages on monthly plans or as a stand alone pay as you go plan. Rates were a very reasonable 5¢ per voice minute, text message or MB of  data. The Flex Card balance also never expires making it the perfect pay as you go option for light users .

Aparently the stand alone Flex Card "plan" was a little too good to be true. Today a couple of Howard Forums users who had been using the Flex Card as a stand alone plan, posted that they had received a text message from Selectel saying "Your Monthly Plan has expired. Your Cash Card balance is $10."

The following message was posted by Selectel dealer Genius Wireless on their forum:

Selectel Wireless has decided that going forward the Flex Card must be used in conjunction with a Plan. This can be a monthly Plan or the Yearly plan but the Flex Card will not be offered as a stand alone product.

Current Flex Card users that already have the Flex Card as a stand alone plan will continue to be able to use their CURRENT cards but they will not be able to add additional cards without a monthly or yearly plan being added.

If you run out of a plan (it expires) and you have a Flex Card balance the account will remain active on the Flex Card alone but you will not be able to add additional Flex Cards to it. You must add a monthly or Yearly Plan to renew going forward.

The Flex Card continues to have no expiration date and will purchase minutes, text and MB of data at 5 cents each.

Selctel's least expensive monthly plan is $15. There's also a $75 yearly plan that includes 2000 voice minutes and 1500 texts but no data. The yearly plan is equivalent to $6.25/month, which isn't a bad deal for light users but isn't quite as nice the Flex Card's former "pay only for what you use" policy.

This change hasn't been publicly confirmed by Selectel so treat it as a rumor for now. I will reach out to Selectel for confirmation and will update this post when I know more.

Update 17-Aug-2013, Selectel dealers received the following email from Selectel Wireless' President;

The Selectel Wireless Flex Cards are intended to be used for overages when a customer has reached their limit on their voice, text or data feature. The card is not intended to be used as a stand alone plan so do not offer it as a stand alone plan because it is not a plan it is a flex card

Thank you,

Matt O'Flaherty
Selectel Wireless

There might be some hope though. A Howard Forums user, who I suspect is a Selectel dealer, posted part of another email that he got from Selectel:

The change is because our system and service is not set up for this type of customer yet. As I stated in the email we are asking dealers that are promoting the flex card as a standalone plan to stop until our system is set up for this type of customer.

Which leaves the possibility of Selectel again allowing the Flex Card to be used when their system is ready.


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  1. Cons:

    o Hoping it is not another fly by night like TalkforGood.com
    o No auto balance (online or otherwise) & deflect when asked about it
    o Forcing people now to buy more when they are themselves are not quite ready
    o According to Dun & Bradstreet data (available from local library), revenue was $100,000 last year and had 3 (yup three) employees. How is it they operate electrical and landline unit. Something is not right here.

    o Not bad for low usage.
    o Data speeds decently 3g.
    o Nice Verizon coverage & more, ie, roaming

    Fingers crossed.

    1. Don't hurt your fingers. D&B reports what you and your creditors tell them. It's supposed to help other businesses decide whether to extend you credit. Selectel's parent company funded them. Was Selectel even selling service last year? - the first article appeared here on June 18 '13. How many employees does a MVNO need when it is getting ready to do business? If you do not like the $75/year plan, you can always pay $80/year with PagePlus, pay for roaming and get 1850 minutes (monthly fee) or 1mb of data for 99c, or pay a lot more per minute on a lower paygo plan. Soon you will deal with the helpful, effective overseas Am Movil call centers, too. ;-)

  2. Title: You mean 'No Longer' ???

  3. Dennis, your headline has one letter too many in one of the words ;-)

  4. Genius Wireless offers AutoPay with a credit card. Bat Mobile Wireless provides AutoPay with Paypal or a credit card. Both will activate your phone at no charge (Bat charges $6.99 unless you buy airtime. They will refund your $6.99 if you buy airtime separate from activation). Both these dealers also sell PagePlus, so they can advise you if you need help deciding.

  5. Freedom Wireless also offers free activation on Selected:

  6. Why not just call their corporate hq and get it straight from the horse's mouth?

  7. The Selectel Wireless Flex Cards are intended to be used for overages when a customer has reached their limit on their voice, text, or data feature. The card is not intended to be used as a stand alone plan so do not offer it as a stand alone plan because it is not a plan it is a flex card.

    Information that was sent yesterday.

  8. Selectel needs paygo.

    1. Many of us want Selectel paygo, but >they do not think they need it. They must have studied whether the Flex Card 'plan' was making much money vs their costs in carrying all the little-used accounts. MVNOs operate on small margins, and unused paygo accounts contribute to losses that cause them to fail. I would rather Selectel stay in business than offer paygo. Their $15 plan is an excellent deal. For ref, Pageplus sells more $30 plans than paygo according to their biggest dealer.

  9. Only two companies I remember offer low rates for Paygo without charging ~$10/month: Ptel and Lycamobile. Ptel used to charge a $3.33 minimum. MVNOs have to cover their costs for backend software, extra CS calls and number maintenance, and make a profit. Many Paygo users on cheap plans do not make enough calls to cover costs, apparently. Boost and Virgin jacked up prices. Ultra changed their mind. Pageplus sells more $30 plans than Paygo, according to their biggest dealer. Lots of MVNOs have gone out of business. $10/month seems to be the minimum for most MVNO to make Paygowork with low rates. And Selectel's $15 plan offers much more value: 2.4c/resource vs 5c on the Flex Card. They must have studied this and said: "We do not need Paygo."

  10. A poster at http://forum.genius-wireless.com created a google doc spreadsheet comparing costs of three Verizon MVNO's: PagePlus, Selectel and Next G.

    You may want to use your own virus protection software to check the link first before opening it. I ran it through McAfee, and no viruses were found.



  11. Here are links to the Selecterl Wireless Customer and Dealer agreements and respective terms and conditions. Open these links under your own risk!

    Retail Customers:




    In case anyone was wondering, Selectel Wireless (by way of the Dealer agreement) ackowledges that they do indeed use the Verizon network.


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