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FreedomPop Launches LTE Service - Get 500 MB/Month of LTE Data For Free

FreedomPop, the Sprint/Clearwire mobile broadband MVNO that launched free WiMAX service last year has expanded their offerings to include Sprint LTE data. FreedomPop is using the same freeium pricing structure for LTE as it does for WiMAX, starting with a free plan that includes 500 MB of LTE data per month at no cost to the user. Customers who exceed the 500 MB cap can buy more data on an as needed basis or upgrade to a paid plan with higher limits and lower overage rates.

To use LTE, FreedomPop users need to purchase a $149 (plus $6.99 for shipping) FreedomSpot MiFi 5800 LTE, which is a rebranded Novatel 500 LTE. Existing FreedomPop customers with a WiMAX hotspot can upgrade to LTE by paying the difference between $149 and what they paid for their current hotspot.

The supports all three Sprint LTE bands,  800MHz, 1.9GHz, and 2.5GHz as well as 3G EVDO data. The inclusion of 3G is a good thing as Sprint's LTE deployment is still at a relatively early stage. Using 3G with FreedomPop will cost you a bit more, see the table below for the details of all FreedomPop plans.

Included Data Price Per Month - 4G (WiMAX or LTE) Only Price Per Month - 3G/4G Overage rate
500 MB free $3.99 2¢/MB
1 GB $9.99 N/A 1¢/MB
2 GB $17.99 $19.99 3G 1.5¢/MB
4G 1¢/MB
3 GB N/A $28.99 3G 1.5¢/MB
4G 1¢/MB
4 GB $28.99 $34.99 3G 1.5¢/MB
4G 1¢/MB
5 GB $34.99 39.99 3G 1.5¢/MB
4G 1¢/MB
10 GB $59.99 89.99 3G 1.5¢/MB
4G 1¢/MB

Update 8/8/2013: FreedomPop is now accepting orders for the FreedomSpot MiFi 5800 LTE. Go to www.freedompop.com/LTEhotspot to order.

In other FreedomPop news, the company told GigaOm that it now has over 100,000 users with 55% of them on the free plan.

FreedomPop has been promising to extend its business model and service to mobile phones this summer. The company says its Freedom Phone service, which will include 500 MB of data, unlimited messaging and 200 minutes of VOIP calling for free, is on track for a September launch.

Sources FreedomPop, GigaOm, FierceWireless, Forbes

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  1. Dennis,

    Another terrific review!

    I see that Freedom Pop has eliminated the .99c monthly Active Status Fee fee those whose accounts went without usage more than 30 days, and Freedom Pop has fixed the ability for the customer to turn on and off the auto top up option from the Freedom Pop web site without having to contact customer service.

    I do have a concern that Freedom Pop is not shipping their devices in a timely manner, so much so that I understand that the California Office of Attorney General Consumer Affairs has received complaints in regard to the billing practices by Freedom Pop of its customers when they press "activate" from the order screen.

    Those same customers are waiting several weeks/months for equipment to arrive, but are being billed for service from the date they pressed the "activate" button at the Freedom Pop website, and no equipment to use. Sounds like Freedom Pop has to fix that billing problem fsat, or what really needs to happen is to quickly resolve the logistics issues and timely delivery of the equipment to their new customers.

    Next up, many are waiting as to which phone devices will work/support with the Freedpm Pop free voice/text service.


  2. 1. 3G data cost more than 4G data based on the chart. You pay more for slower speeds.

    2. Clear's WiMax is slow. I use Virgin's $35 data plan and the down load speeds are 1 to 2 mbps during peak hours. The speeds are decent during offpeak at 3 to 4 mbps. However, it's nowhere near ATT's speeds of 6 to 8 mbps. Btw, I live in Sacramento.

    3. I would be interested in Freedom Pop's LTE when Sprint LTE reaches Sacramento, if they resolve the fully refundable nonsense when returning the mobile hotspot. I am going to reread the fine print. I am happy to see the inactive charge has been eliminated.

    4. I am surprised that Virgin Mobile offers LTE phones but no LTE data service. Maybe that will change.

  3. Does freedom pop charge any other taxes or fees other than the prices on the chart?

    1. There are no taxes and fees charged on FreedomPop service.

  4. Lower tiers aren't bad price but $89.99 for 10GB is outrageous. Millenicom has 20GB for $69.99 and uses Verizon 3g/4glte

  5. The FreedomPop 99c/month inactivity fee is back. I just got hit with it for using 3mb instead of the required minimum 5mb/month. No notice on the website that I can find, including the blog/FAQ. It is still mentioned in the terms of service; I am not sure they ever took it out.

    1. Strange. I had no usage at all in the my last month ending Oct 19 and was not charged the fee.

    2. I have the 4G-only hotspot and do not pay for any optional service. Do you also have this kind of account?

    3. Pretty much the same, I have the WiMAX only USB stick with no extra services and pay nothing unless I go over my 500MB.

  6. Very surprising to me it is now 2 years later and the prices have not changed for 3G/4G - and the LTE-only plans are gone. I know WiMAX is gone, but I wish they would still offer special rates for using LTE)

    Any idea what the current wholesale data rates are for LTE vs. 3G data from Sprint? When this article was posted the LTE price was 2/3 the 3G price.

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