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It Looks Like AT&T's Aio Wireless is Launching in Chicago

It looks like AT&T's Aio Wireless is doing a stealth launch in Chicago. There's been no announcement but a Howard forums user discovered that if you enter a Chicago zip code, for example 60601, on the Aio website you can order an Aio phone or SIM.  I just tried and it seems to work. In addition, the Aio store locator (image) shows dozens of Aio payment locations in the Chicagoland area

Aio is AT&T's prepaid brand within a brand that it has been slowly launching since May, one city at a time. So far Aio is officially available only in Atlanta Georgia, Houston, Texas and Orlando, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Palm Beach, Tampa, Jacksonville, Gainesville, Naples and Ft. Myers, Florida. Nationwide availability is promised for sometime in 2014.

Aio devices and service is sold primarily through Aio retail stores but you also order online at aiowireless.com provided you use a zip code and shipping address in one of the launch cites. Coverage is nation wide coverage and is identical to GoPhone. Aio plans are a bit less expensive than the equivalent GoPhone plans but data speeds are lightly throttled to a maximum of 8 Mbps for LTE data and 4 Mbps for HSPA+

Aio offers a varienty of phones including a couple of LTE Android phones, the entire iPhone line and a ZTE tablet. The refurbished iPhone 4 is currently on sale for $199.99 in your choice of 16GB or 8GB models in white or black. The other Aio devices are:
  • BYOD SIM card - $9.99
  • Samsung Denim -  basic flip phone - $29.99
  • ZTE Altair - basic QWERTY Candybar - $49.99
  • ZTE Prelude - Android 4.1.1 (JB) 3.5", screen - $49.99
  • Nokia Lumia 620 - Windows Phone 8, 3.8" screen - $99.99 (was $179.99)
  • Samsung Galaxy Amp - Android 4.1.2 (JB), 4" screen - $129.99
  • ZTE Overture LTE - Android 4.1.2 (JB) LTE 4" screen $149.99
  • ZTE Velox - Android 4.1.2 (JB) tablet, 7" screen - $179.99
  • Samsung Galaxy Express LTE - Android 4.1.2 (JB), 4.5" screen - $249.99
  • iPhone 4 8GB or 16 GB (reconditioned) -  sale $199.99 (was $349.99 - $399.99)
  • iPhone 4 8GB (new) - $449.99
  • iPhone 4S 8 GB (reconditioned) - $449.99
  • iPhone 4S 16 GB (reconditioned) - $499.99
  • iPhone 4S 16 GB (new) - $549.99
  • iPhone 5 16 GB (new) -$649.99
 Here is Aio's current plan lineup and pricing
Plan Name Monthly Price Hi-Speed Data 1  Allowed devices
Aio Tablet $15 250 MB Tablets Only
Aio Basic $40 250 MB Basic Phones Only
Aio Smart $55 2 GB Smartphones Only
Aio Pro $70 7 GB Smartphones Only
High-Speed data is throttled to a maximum of 8 Mbps for LTE data and 4 Mbps for HSPA+. After the high-speed data cap is reach speed is further throttled to about 256 Kbps.

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Aio Adds Throttled LTE and Two more Cities
AT&T Launches Aio Wireless Prepaid Brand in 3 Cities - Unlimited Talk, Text & Data $40/Month & Up

Source Aio Wireless via HowardForums

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  1. One word - OVERPRICED!

  2. Chicago is one ugly ,corrupt city. They can't hit a ball or tell the truth!

  3. I wonder if AT&T is feeling the heat some from the recent growth of T-Mobile and MetroPCS. I wonder if they are stepping up the deployment tempo in response.

  4. How would you sign up for Aio service if you live in San Fran? Do you use a friend's address, and then update your address after getting the service? I am think about getting an iPhone to use on Aio. Thanks.

    1. You would need to have the phone shipped someone to a city that Aio has launched in. I don't know if they would let you let you switch a number in a non-Aio market like SF or not.

  5. I live in Dallas, and I am able to order a sim and a plan using my Zip code. Have they launched their service nationwide?

    1. It's not nation wide yet but it looks like it might be Texas-wide. I just tried Dallas, Austin and Galveston zip codes and was able to get to the phones and SIM ordering page with all.

      But the San Francisco, Los Angeles, Milwaukee and Boston zip codes that I tried are still blocked.

  6. I thought I could order, too, because I did not get the zip code popup (blocks non-Aio zips) using one of my browsers. I was able to pick a phone and a plan, and load the cart. I entered all address info, email, set a password, entered challenge question answer. I could not continue from that point, probably due to zip code I used.
    My other browser triggered the zip code popup, which blocked me right away.

  7. Aio completely fails to impress me. There are many better options available.

  8. Off topic here, have you ever heard of Mobal Freedom? They are an mvno of at&t. Rates don't look good but they have a pay as you go plan with no expiration. This would be good for someone like me who is afraid of the giant holes in Lyca mobile service in my area BUT have a dual SIM phone to use the at&t network for emergencies. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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