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New CallingMart Discount Codes, Save Up to 10% on Prepaid Airtime

CallingMart has posted some new discount codes on their Facebook page. They codes are good through Tuesday, Sep 10th on orders of $18 or more.

10% Off AT&T GoPhone refills at callingmart.com with coupon code: LD1310.

‎7% Off Net10, Tracfone & Verizon (Net10 family plans excluded) refills at callingmart.com with coupon code: LD137 .

5% Off Page Plus, Simple Mobile, H2O, Cricket, Red Pocket and Airvoice refills at callingmart.com with coupon code: LD135 .

If you use Ultra Mobile, PTel, Lycamobile, Spot Mobile, Telcel America or most other prepaid carriers not listed above you can get an extra 3% off Callingmart's already discounted prices using coupon code ca3p-1207. This code does not expire. Discounts are not available for Boost Mobile, Virgin Mobile or T-Mobile refills.

To get your discount enter the code in the "Enter Coupon Code" field on the Shopping Cart page and press the "Apply" button.

All the above coupons are good only on purchases of $18 or more.

Sign up for CallingMart's free rewards program for an extra 1% in rewards credit with every purchase. Rewards credits can be applied to your next order.



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  1. I'm sure the 7% discount does not apply to the new Walmart-exclusive Verizon prepaid $50 unlimited voice, talk and 1gb data plan for Samrtphones.


    1. Actually it does work for $50 plan renewals.

      Verizon issued a statement today clarifying that once you use a Walmart PIN to enroll in the $50 smartphone plan you can use PINs from any source including Callingmart to renew. See: Updated: Verizon Prepaid Adds 1 GB Smartphone Plan and Unlimited Texting to Mexico for Verizon's statement

    2. Dennis: thanks for update on Verizon $50 plan. Unfortunately, the Verizon communication doesn't address the most basic question. How does the plan work? What the hell is an eligible device? If the consumer can buy the airtime somewhere else, then what exactly is the Walmart angle?

      I hate Verizon for bad execution -- they should make it simple about what devices are eligible, where we can buy said device, and what exactly is the Walmart role in the plan?

      Here's my beef: If I can use an iPhone 4S obtained from a non-Walmart source and use CallingMart for discounted airtime, then it's obvious to me Walmart got suckered in the deal for the floorspace and marketing placement.

    3. Thank you Dennis for the update and clarification!

      Bottom line:

      1) Purchase the specially marked and exclusive to Walmart $50.00 card/pin that states 1GB of data is included.

      2) Second month and beyond, you can purchase any Verizon $50.00 pin/card from reselles, including callingmart.com, even if the card does not state "1GB" of data is included.

      Nice find by the original poster regarding the deal at Walmart, and to Dennis for clarification on the purchase of refills and discounts from resellers such as callingmart.com and his response from the pr hacks at Verizon Wireless.


    4. Walmart is not a company that Vzw can "sucker." THAT is obvious. They are probably getting paid for signing up new subscribers, they earn money on sales of airtime, and when people come to stores to buy this new plan, most will buy other things too.
      People can hate Vzw all they want, but this new deal is a good one. It's good for Walmart, too.

    5. Anonymous,

      Walmart combined with Sam's Club is the largest wireless dealer/reseller in the United States. As you pointed out, Walmart earns a commission for every sale of any cellular product, whether that's a new line of postpaid contract service, new prepaid service or the sale of refill cards.

      Most likely with the StraightTalk and T-Mobile exclusive to Walmart cellular services, the commission may be lower, but is made up for in the volume of sales.

      Another way to look at this, the exclusive to Walmart Straight Talk service on carriers such as Verizon, Walmart Family Mobile using T-Mobile, and now Verizon offering exclusively to Walmart's customers a "bone" by including 1GB of data on the $50.00 plan.

      I wonder how many customers will now purchase the Verizon $50.00 offer, instead of the $45.00 StraightTalk offer (less per month if you buy the six month or one year refill cards)?

      Let's see:

      StraightTalk: $45.00 per month, plus tax (where applicable), includes unlimted voice and text and a loosey-goosey sometimes yes, sometimes not 2GB of data, and depending on device purchased, you can use Verizon's network, but no roaming.

      Verizon Wireless Prepaid: $50.00 per month, plus tax (where applicable), includes unlimited voice, text and a defined data allowance of 1GB. Uses Verizon's native and roaming networks.

      My hunch is that most consumers will be uninformed about the various carrier-flavors that StraightTalk offers, and more unsure as to which device to purchase in order to use Verizon's network. Even more so, those who are not familiar with StraightTalk, since only Walmart carries the brand. Look back six months, and I bet StraighTalk's sales decrease, and Verizon Wireless prepaid increase.

      I think I read that Walmart was phasing out American Movil's Telcel brand at most Walmart stores, so that leaves a few pegs on the shelf for Net 10 and Tracfone.

      Black Friday is here in leass than 90 days, the deals on preapid devices should be really hot this year.


    6. I doubt if anyone here read the complaint or the summary of the lawsuit / complaint by BestBuy against Walmart regarding Walmart's discounted iPhone sales. It centers on price-matching, and as the news articles pointed out BestBuy took a huge hit on price-matching.

      In the same vein, Walmart also loses crapload of money due to its price match guarantee. Everything so far points to tis special promotion being transactional as opposed to relationship oriented. It's either a one-time purchase of a walmart phone or a one-time purchase of a special "top-up" card.

      Unless Verizon gives Walmart marketing money or other direct compensation, it's NOT that good of a deal for Walmart. When it takes 13 walmart employess to answer a basic question of "How does the deal work" -- people aren't interested so why develop the promo in the first place? Btw, more Verizon Exceed phones leave this particular Walmart due to shrinkage than actual sales.

  2. Dennis: Coupon should be good through Sept 10, not August. Summer almost over...

  3. Dennis, did you know that aio wireless is being sued by t-mobile?http://www.tmonews.com/2013/08/dear-t-mobile-youve-come-a-long-way-dont-sue-over-a-color/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter

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