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Page Plus Increases Data On $39.95 Unlimited Plan From 200 MB to 500 MB

Effective today Verizon MVNO Page Plus is including 500 MB of data with their $39.95 Unlimited Talk n Text plan. The Plan used to come with 200 MB of data. It also includes unlimited voice minutes and unlimited SMS and MMS messages.

Customers activating the $39.95 plan today will get 500 MB immediately. Current users will the see the increased data with their next plan renewal.

Page Plus offers a wide range of monthly plans as well as a pay as you go plan (all plans are listed below).  In addition to phones sold by Page Plus, most clean-ESN, non-LTE Verizon phones, with the exception of ones sold as Verizon prepaid phones, will work on Page Plus.

Page Plus Plans
Name Monthly Price  Voice Domestic Text/MMS Data
Pay As You Go $2.50* 4¢-10¢/min 5¢/25¢**99¢/MB 
The 12 Monthly Plan $12.00 250 min, overage 5¢/min 250 SMS or MMS**, overage 5¢/ea.  10 MB, overage 10¢/MB
Talk n Text 1200 Monthly Plan $29.95 1200 minutes, overage 5¢/min 3000 SMS or MMS**, overage 5¢/ea.  500 MB, overage 5¢/MB
Unlimited Talk n Text Monthly Plan $39.95 unlimited unlimited SMS & MMS** 500 MB, overage 5¢/MB
The 55 Monthly Plan $55.00 unlimited unlimited SMS or MMS** 2 GB, overage 5¢/MB
The $69.95 Plan $69.95 unlimited unlimited SMS or MMS** 5 GB, overage 5¢/MB
* $2.50 is the minimum monthly cost which is achieved by using a $10 top up every 120 days. There is a 50¢/month service fee (deducted on the 25th of each month) on the Pay As You Go Plan only.
** Plus MMS data transport charged at 99¢/MB on Pay As You Go or drawn from available plan data on monthly plans.

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  1. Now this is awesome news! I've been buying the 55.00 plan because I need more minutes than 1200 and more data than 200MB but less than 2GB. This saves me an additional 180.00 per year. Perhaps in the future, it will be within the realm of possibility to see 1GB of data on the UTnT plan but for now it's fantastic news.

    1. Matt: You might want to reconsider based on your usage pattern. For example, TNT 1200 is $25 a month cheaper than 55 plan. Based on overage of 5 cents per minute or MB, it now translates into a simple linear equation. For the same $25, you can get 500 more minutes (1,700 minutes in total) or 500 more MB (1 GB) or a balance of 250 more minutes and 250 MB more data. Between these amounts, you should be indifferent to the 55 plan or TNT 1200 with $25 in overages. The nice thing about the TNT is you save money when you reduce your usage (or overages). With the 55, unless you need all those minutes and data, then you are OVERPAYING for your service.

      If voice minutes are that important (you use more than 1,400 minutes a month), then go with the new $40 plan.

      Food for thought.

    2. I regularly use more than 2000 minutes a month because I don't have a land line and I use my cell for business. Therefore it isn't economical for me to go with the TnT 1200.

  2. It seems that Selectel and NextG have yet to respond to this. It really is competitive.

    1. Selectel does not plan to follow pageplus with their plans. The big difference is that if you roam with pageplus then selectel can save you money because it doesn't cost to roam.

      Each has their strong points. PagePlus has more data on this plan but i except it to change.

    2. "Selectel does not plan to follow pageplus with their plans."

      Wow, really? Selectel doesn't plan to follow Page Plus with their plans? Is that why Selectel literally copied Page Plus with very minor tweaks in their offering?

      Nice try.

  3. No love for PAYG - PPU data yet.

  4. PagePlus is the only carrier to let you see your balance on screen by SMS the word balance to 7243. Hopefully NextG and Selectel follow soon. It is a pain to have to call everytime you want to check a data and minutes balance.

  5. Both my wife and I have the TNT 1200 plan now using flashed LG Spectrums. We came from Consumer Cellular and did not get near the minutes or data that Page Plus provides for us now. We're saving about $25 a month. I know $25 a month may not seem like a lot but it adds up. Dennis, how come a prepaid provider like Page Plus does not charge taxes like Consumer Cellular does? I was pleased with Consumer Cellular (best customer service I've experienced with an MVNO) but the taxes on the plans soured me. Plus you can't beat the Verizon coverage Page Plus offers.

    1. Consumer is post-paid service with roaming included. You now pay 29c/minute for roaming. Consumer just added minutes and data to their plans, so they are more competitive. Plus you had the convenience of SIM cards, and no weird system glitches that can deplete your cash balance on the nights you plans renew.

    2. With PagePlus and most other prepaid providers all federal taxes and fees are included in the plan price.

      Postpaid providers and a few prepaid ones use the old landline model where they pass through some of the corporate taxes they pay plus additional fees like a "cost recovery fee" that aren't even taxes, just a way to pad the bill.

      As will all online purchases, you are still responsible for paying any applicable local and state sales taxes

  6. net10 changing plans again!

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