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Save 25% On The First Month of Serivice on the Page Plus $55.00 Plan

If you are thinking of switching to Verizon MVNO Page Plus any time soon, online Page Plus dealer Kitty Wireless is running a promotion through 08/26/2013 that will save you a bit of money.

When you use Kitty Wireless to activate a new Page Plus line of service or port a number from another operator to Page Plus, you will receive a coupon good for 25% off the price of your first month of service on the Page Plus $55 plan. That plan includes unlimited calling and messaging plus 2GB of data. With the coupon the first month's price works out to $41.25 .

During August new activations and number ports are free at Kitty Wireless. Click here for a free activation. Click Here for a free port request.

New activations and port-ins also come with a free $2 Page Pus airtime credit. Activations are automated and normally take about 5 minutes. You will receive an email with programming instructions when your activation is complete. Port requests depend on the operator you are porting from and can take hours and occasionally days to complete.

The following older Kitty Wireless coupon codes are also still valid.

Use coupon code SAVE3 to save 3% off any Page Plus refill PIN or the first month of  month of a new Page Plus AutoPay plan. Valid through 8/31/13.

Use coupon code SERV25 to save 3% off any Page Plus online service such as ESN (phone) or phone number changes. Valid through 8/31/13.

Kitty's automated services are available 22 hours a day (orders submitted between 11:30 PM EST and 1:30 AM EST will be processed after 1:30 AM).

For more about Page Plus Cellular,  see our Page Plus Prepaid Operator Profile.



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  1. A poster at http://forum.genius-wireless.com created a Google docs spreadsheet comparing costs of three Verizon MVNO's: PagePlus, Selectel and Next G.

    You may want to use your own virus protection software to check the link first before opening it. I ran it through McAfee, and no viruses were found.



  2. A bit OT, but how much longer will CDMA networks be around on a nationwide basis?

    1. For a long time at least for M2M (vehicle and shipping container tracking, monitoring storage tank levels, smart meters, etc.). Pager networks are still up and running too.

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