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Simple Mobile Giving All Monthly Plans More Hi-Speed Data

According to a usually reliable source, America Movil's Simple Mobile brand will be including more data with all its monthly plans.

The $40 plan will go from  500 MB  of 4G data to 1 GB
The $50 plan will go from 2 GB  to 3 GB of 4G data
The $60 plan will go from 4 GB of 4G to 5 GB

The changes are supposed to be effective today, August 23rd although the Simple Mobile Website hadn't been updated at the time of this post.

Simple Mobile uses the T-Mobile native network with no roaming. All Simple Mobile monthly plans include unlimited voice minutes and unlimited messaging. Data is also "unlimited" but is throttled after the 4G plan limit is reached. BlackBerry BIS support is available at no extra cost. Simple's 4G data is HSPA+, LTE is not available.

Currently there are two different levels of throttling; "3G" and "2G". After the plan's 4G limit is exceeded, data is throttled to "3G speeds" of about about 256 Kbps. After a bit more data is used speeds are further throttled to practically unusable "2G" speeds. The second throttle used to kick in at 3 GB on the $40 plan, 4 GB on the $50 plan and 4.5 GB on the $60 plan. My source doesn't know the details of the two tier throttling system after the latest plan changes. I will update this post as more details emerge.

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  1. competition is heating up...now waiting for Ultra mobile to increase their data plans....

  2. Forget Ultra! I'm waiting for Aio Wireless to go nationwide.

  3. But Aio is way expensive ...Aio may fit your needs but what I just need is about 200 mins of talk, unlimited texts and the ability to purchase additional data block in $5 or $10 for 250MB and 500MB respectively for only $19 a month....and only Ultra mobile can offer me that!

  4. Aio charges fees for many things that are not charged by AirVoice or Red Pocket. $25, $15, $5 fees. They are only a reasonable deal on the $70/month (!) plan. Below that, even GoPhone is better since you have more flexibility with low cost smartphone plans, $5 Autopay discount, and no throttling like Aio does.

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