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Unadvertised Walmart Sale on Virgin Mobile Galaxy Ring and Boost Mobile Samsung Prevail 2

Walmart stores appear to be having an unadvertised sale on a couple of recently released Android phones for Boost and Virgin Mobile. A reader sent me the attached photo showing the Virgin Mobile Samsung Galaxy Ring for $129.88 and the Boost Samsung Prevail 2 for $149.99 at a Walmart store in Sacramento, CA. The two phones, which are virtually identical except for color, both have a regular price of $179.99.

The Ring and the Prevail 2 are fairly low end devices by modern standards. The run Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and have  a 1.4 GHz single core processor, 5 MP camera and a 4 inch 480 x 800px screen and they don't support LTE. Frankly, I think both are overpriced at $179.99, especially compared with Virgin Mobile's LG Optimus F3 which is also 179.99 but has a dual core processor and LTE. $129.99 is a much more reasonable price and I expect will see more price cutting with the Prevail 2 and the Ring.

I don't know if this deal is available nationwide or only in certain markets or possibly only in a singe Walmart store in Sacramento. If any readers happen to see this deal at a different Walmart please let us know in a comment.


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  1. You always use the Walmart price as a benchmark.

    For example, Best Buy will match the price after calling the store.

    1. Walmart saves you $2,500/year, whether you dare to shop there or not. This shows how - their prices set benchmarks for other retailers. This does not count the welfare savings, or the reduction in Obamaphones. Thanks, Walmart.

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