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Verizon MVNO Next G Revamps Plans and Pricing

Next G Mobile, a Verizon MVNO that launched less than a year ago, has made some major changes to their plans. There are four new monthly plans and changes to the included data and data add-on packages on other plans:
  • The old $10/250MB data add-on for $40 and higher plans has been replaced with a $20/1GB add-on that can only be used with $50 and higher plans.
  • The $60 unlimited talk, messaging and data plan, which used to be advertised as having unlimited data, now has a soft cap, with the first 2 GB of data delivered at 3G speeds followed by unlimited data at an unspecified throttled speed. This is actually an improvement as users have reported that their data was cut off at 2 GB on the old "unlimited data" $60 plan.
  • There's a new $70 plan with unlimited voice, text, MMS and web with the first 5GB of data at 3G speeds.
  • Another change is that Next G's FAQ page now explicitly prohibits tethering on phone plans.
Update Aug. 25, 2013: Although they have been listed on NextG's Web site for weeks, the $10, $20 and $30 plans are not available yet and NextG hasn't been able to provide a date when they will be.

Update Sep. 11, 2013: The $10, $20 and $30 plans are now available.

Next G has some good things going for it including US based support that in my experience answers quickly and is knowledgeable. There's also no extra charge off network roaming on all plans. The new $10, $20 and $30 plans generally include more minutes and texts than comparably priced plans from other Verizon MVNOs, including Page Plus and Selectel.

But the complete lack of any data or picture messaging on all Next G plans priced at less than $50 limits Next G's appeal and put it at a serious competitive disadvantage. In addition, Next G, unlike most prepaid operators,  adds "taxes and fees" averaging 8% to all airtime purchases. Currently, Next G best value plans are its new $10-$30 monthly plans which are a good deal for for moderate users of voice and texts who don't need data or picture messaging.

Here's a table listing all of Next G's plans.
Plan Price / Duration 1 Voice Minutes SMS MMS Data
Pay As You Go $10/90 days N/A N/A
$10 Monthly $10/30 days 300 500 N/A N/A
$20 Monthly $20/30 days 500 1000 N/A N/A
$30 Monthly $30/30 days 1200 4000 N/A N/A
$40 Unlimited $40/30 days Unlimited Unlimited N/A N/A
$50 Unlimited $50/30 days Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 1 GB 2
$60 Unlimited $60/30 days Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited (throttled after 2GB) 2
$70 Unlimited $70/30 days Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited (throttled after 5GB) 2
A "taxes and Fees" surcharge of approximately 8% is added to all online airtime purchases.
Additional high speed data available at $20 for 1 GB good for 30 days.

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  1. Howard Forums discussions on Next G scared me away. Maybe the revamped plans and definition of "unlimited" might make me change. Still, Page Plus allows tethering.

    1. The problem with "tethering" is that is has two meanings: (a) the traditional definition of using a cable connecting the device to a computer and (b) tethering via wifi or using the device like a mobile hotspot. What I want is (b) given the massive increase in data. I don't want to use 2 GB or more looking at a small screen -- I prefer consuming the data on my tablet.

      Unfortunately the fine print that I've read so far is not promising with respect to tethering via wifi.

    2. I have NextG..If they are covering off network roaming how come my phone says extended network when I hit certain areas? I have never made or received a call while in an extended area so I do not know how they handle it
      The map on the NextG site shows roaming areas.

    3. Tethering via USB delivers speeds comparable to tethering using the phone as a WiFi hotspot.

      TOS typically refer prohibit "using the phone as a modem" or "sharing the phone's data connection with another device" Both phrases disallow tethering whether using a cable, WiFi, Bluetooth or Infrared.

    4. "Extended Network" is what most Verizon phones display when roaming. So when you see that you are roaming. There is no extra charge for calls or text when roaming on Next G but data will not work.

    5. Dennis: Zact allows personal mobile hotspot -- unfortunately, they charge a $5 monthly fee and insane prices for data usage. Not to mention limited devices at high prices.

      It would be nice if the carriers did what VM did in the past -- charge an extra $15 a month for mobile hotspot and give you an additional GB of data.

      I hate the fact you can get unlimited data on basic phones but it can't be used as a "modem" or you get as much as 7 GB of data but it's locked to the device.

      Right now, I have Verizon prepaid for $100 a year ($8+ a month), $25 a month with VM beyond talk, $50 a month with ATT under a 2 year contract, and $35 a month with VM WiMax (no Sprint LTE in my area). So I am spending close to $120 a month for mostly data. I estimate I consume 10 to 15 GB a month for web surfing and some videos.

      What I want is one phone with mobile hotspot AND my ATT data plan. I would like to pay no more than $100 a month. So if you have any ideas or suggestions, then I'm all ears. Also, I hate Sprint for lack of coverage and poor 3G speeds.

  2. I'm hoping Page Plus will do away with the extra fee for roaming. That would be super competitive.

  3. Considering the $10 plan for some members of my family. Can anybody confirm if I can use the $25 KYOCERA G2GO with that (it says plans starting at $60 on the shop phones page for some reason)?

  4. No Data No MMS until the $50 price plan. Not bad though. Practically all other MVNO's have it on their $30 plans except for Airvoice(which is at $35) and Jolt Mobile.

  5. 411 is not free on Next G. They advise you to dial 800-FREE-411 for directory assistance. You will be charged if you dial 411.

    1. You're right. I misread the Next G FAQ that suggested directory assistance was free. It is but only if you call a free 3rd party ad-supported directory assistance service. I've corrected the post.

  6. Not all of the plans are able to be activated yet

    1. Which ones can't be activated? It seems strange that they would update their site before they had everything working.


  8. The Pay as you Go is actually 10¢ per minute or text. Their site still says 5¢ on the main page but 10 when you open the 'learn more'. I just set my kids up on this plan and myself on the $40 unlimited. Great service, great everything. Anxiously waiting the release of the $10/$20/$30 plans....

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