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Updated: Verizon Prepaid Adds 1 GB Smartphone Plan and Unlimited Texting to Mexico

Thanks to a reader who shared these photos taken in a Sacramento, CA Walmart we now know of a couple of new Verizon Wireless Prepaid options.

As shown by the rectangular sticker in the first image and the point of sale displays pictured below, there's a new $50/month smartphone plan that includes unlimited talk and messaging and 1 GB of data. Previously, the least expensive Verizon prepaid smartphone plan was $60 for unlimited talk and messaging and 2 GB.

The new $50 plan is a Walmart exclusive. It's not clear if this means it's only available with phones purchased at  at Walmart or if Walmart will sell special $50 top up cards that enable this plan on any Verizon prepaid smartphone.

Update 8/27/2013: A reader discovered that Walmart.com is now selling $50 Smartphone Plan airtime refills. They are labeled as a "Limited Time Only" offer however.  It's not clear if these refills can be used to switch any Verizon prepaid account to the new plan or if they only work with phones sold by Walmart that are already activated on that plan.

Update 8/29/2013: Verizon has clarified that the Walmart $50 Plan refills can be used to switch any eligible Verizon smartphone to the $50 plan.

Here's a statement I received today from Verizon Corporate Communications:

The Exclusive Price Plan is available on all eligible VZW 3G Smartphones, such as the iPhone® (4/4S), BlackBerry® (3G) and Android TM (3G) devices

A subscriber who already has an eligible Smartphone does not need to purchase a new Smartphone from Wal-Mart

The Exclusive Price Plan is only available at Wal-Mart and the subscriber will need to purchase a $50 Card (or a multi-denominational card that is loaded with $50) from Wal-Mart

Subscribers will remain on the Exclusive Price Plan for as long they continue to replenish their accounts with at least $50 every month

“Limited Time Only” means that subscribers will be able to add this Exclusive Price Plan for a limited time, but if they add the plan during the availability period, subscribers can keep the plan for as long as they continue to replenish their accounts with at least $50 every month.
A Verizon spokesperson also confirmed to me that once a user is active on the $50 Smartphone Plan they do not have to use Walmart card to renew the plan. Renewals can be made using Verizon prepaid top-up cards or PINs from any source including local stores or online sellers like callingmart.com. $50 Smartphone users can also set up and use auto pay online at My Verizon, however they are not eligible for the $5/month auto-pay discount.

The second change is shown in the round sticker on the phone package which advertises a new feature available with all Verizon Wireless Prepaid monthly plans, unlimited free texts to Mexico. As far as I get tell from the pictures, free texting to Mexico is not a Walmart exclusive.

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  1. If I can use my own Verizon phone, this is a better plan for me than Selectel or Pageplus. 1MB is plenty, and I would rather save the money and be able to get hands-on help locally if there are problems.

    1. You can use a Verizon phone as long as it's not a 4G LTE model.

  2. Selectel, a new and rising Verizon mvno allows more byod including flashing non Verizon phones to it and with roaming for $50 for unlimited talk/text/mms and 2 gigs of data.

    1. Verizon has its own BYOD program for prepaid -- you need to check about their propaganda, I mean marketing material.

      My understand with Verizon prepaid is you can get an online account to monitor your status. You also have great customer service 24/7.

    2. Verizon added a BYOD activation service to their prepaid website, so you can do everything online now. Also, I need phone records for my business, and I don't think Selectel provides records.

  3. We will have to see whether Walmart controls the airtime for the new plan, or we can continue to save 7%+1% or $4/month using Callingmart Verizon discount codes.

    1. If you look at the Top-Up cards, it appears to be generic, i.e. missing identifiers from Walmart. So, I would use Target's Red Dot's 5% discount.

      Then there is the unanswered question about $5 credit for auto-payments.

      The sad part is Exceed goes for $87 on Verizon's back to school special but the identical phone goes for $129.88 at Walmart.

  4. Any word on if the $50 smartphone plan is eligible for the $5 discount monthly with automatic payments?

  5. Keep an eye at Best Buy. For a couple of months they had the Exceed for sale for $99. Also, I've seen a few on Ebay for sale. Hope the $50 plan is true for the whole country and not just California or if you buy the phone at Walmart, my wife only uses maybe 300-400 MB's but refuses to give up Verizon for Page Plus.

    1. Do you get features or service with Verizon prepaid that you can't get with PagePlus? Does your Verizon store give good service?

    2. Pluses of Verizon over Page Plus:
      24/7 phone support
      BlackBerry BIS
      Unlimited free texting to Mexico
      Local in store support
      Verizon Prepaid phones allowed

      Can't activate flashed 4G phones, Sprint, US Cellular phones etc.

      I've had good experiences with Verizon stores

    3. I'm in charge of my wife's Verizon prepaid phone and have had really no problems with them. They have good customer service and I get a $5 credit for signing up with autopay. As far a I know, even on Verizon prepaid, you still get free Verizon to Verizon calls. Now I'm with Pageplus and they are perfect for me. I have the plan of 1200 mins, 3000 texts and 500 MB of data for $29.99. I don't make a lot of calls and a few hundred texts and am around wifi 95% of the time. But, PP does not have free mobile to mobile or roaming (you pay extra for mins, but text is free while roaming. But Selectel does have roaming included, no extra charge, but you pay taxes, PP does not charge taxes. Just a few things to think about.

  6. I like the plan. 1GB on Verizon prepaid is better than dealing with Straight Talk and their crazy terms.

  7. Dennis: The watermark worked. That site prepaidmobilephonereviews.com continue to ape your hard work. The last four articles are a blatant rip-off from your website.

    The good news is now those watermarks are giving lots of free marketing.

  8. Just want to provide an update on the plan as the tippee.

    There is no information about this plan on verizon:

    There is no information about this plan on walmart.com.

    I did speak at least five different Walmart employees in the Electronics department at two different Walmart and I received five different answers. Basically, these nice people were making it up as they went along. Absolutely clueless to basic questions like: "Can I buy the Exceed somewhere else?" or "How does the plan work?"

    I contacted an unnamed Verion employee who supposedly has good information about the plan ONLY to be instructed to go to Verizon's website (the same website missing info on the $50 plan).

    I never read Kafka but I feel like I should start.

    It's a good plan, but I doubt it will last due to poor execution unless someone -- either Verizon or Walmart creates a faq on the $50 plan, i.e. can someone buy the Exceed on walmart.com and still qualify for the plan. The sad part is I don't know the anwer to this simple question.

  9. Got the following response from Verizon Wireless chat session....

    Please hold for a Verizon Wireless sales representative, we appreciate your patience. Your current estimated wait time is 0 min 36 secs.

    Add a tablet to the Share Everything plan for only $10/mo – no contract commitment - data only plans starting at $30 monthly access! Ask me how.

    Your RealTime session ID is ************.
    You are now chatting with 'Jasha'

    Jasha: Hi! My name is Jasha with the Verizon Wireless Sales Team. I am available to answer your questions and help you place an order. May I have your name, please?

    You: *****

    Jasha: Hello, *****! How may I help you today?

    You: Do you have a prepaid $50/month smartphone plan that includes unlimited talk and messaging and 1 GB of data?

    Jasha: Currently we do not have that plan for smartphones; however we have unlimited talk, text, and 2GB for $60 per month

    You: Ok. Thank you.

    Jasha: You are very welcome! Would you like to get that plan?

    You: Not at this time.

    Jasha: Okay no problem! Is there anything else I can help you with?

    You: No. That will be all. Thanks

    Jasha: Thank you for visiting Verizon Wireless; I'm glad I was able to help you today! At the end of this chat there is an opportunity for you to provide your feedback based on your experience with me today and to receive a copy of the chat. We would very much appreciate your thoughts.

    1. The 1 GB plan is a Walmart exclusive. It's not available through Verizon. I would not expect Verizon support to be aware of it.

      All we know about this plan is that it's available if you buy a specially marked Verizon prepaid phone at a Walmart store.

      It MAY also be available with other Verizon phones purchased at Walmart or even with refill card bought at Walmart, although I think that's unlikely. I will update the post when I know more.

  10. Just saw this on walmart.com...

    Verizon Walmart Exclusive $50 Refill Prepaid Airtime (Email Delivery)

    1. Nice find. So the $50 Smartphone plan is available when purchasing a special $50 refill from Walmart.com. I notice that it's marked as a "Limited Time Only" deal however.

    2. From Walmart.com:

      "Carries over unused balance month to month"
      - I wonder if they mean unused data carries over?

      "Expires 90 days after redemption."
      - Does this mean that you can buy 3 months worth now without risking expiration?

  11. I am the tippee and I have a few updates:

    A) the $50 airtime cards in the stores do not carry the "limited time" qualifier.

    B) after speaking to about 1 dozen walmart employees, one knowledgeable person explained his assertion: smartphones sold in walmart have distinct MEID serial numbers. His believes only those smartphones sent by Verizon via the Walmart distribution channel qualifies for said plan.

    C) as for lower priced Exceeds sold elsewhere -- the recommendation is to bring in the competitor's ad and walmart will PRICE-MATCH. If BestBuy has the phone on sale, Walmart will price match the physical ad.

    In summary, if you don't live near a Walmart, you can still get the phone with the correct MEID to qualify for the $50 plan. Good luck.

    1. Tying the plan to specific MEIDs makes sense. Walmart did the same thing with the old 3G Virgin Mobile Broadband to Go devices. If you bought the device at Walmart, a $20 top up gave you 1 GB/month. If you bought the device elsewhere you only got 500 MB for $20.

  12. The way I see it, you don't need to buy a specific phone from Walmart, it says:

    "Refill can be used for Verizon Prepaid Airtime

    Compatible with Verizon no-contract cell phones
    For additional minutes, $50 value
    Redeemable for talk time and text messaging. Includes domestic long distance.
    Carries over unused balance month to month
    Expires 90 days after redemption."

    Anyone try it out on their current phone? My wife has a Verizon Iphone, don't want to spend $50 and then not be able to use it.

    1. The $50 refill will undoubtedly add $50 credit to your account. If it doesn't switch you do the $50 plan (and I don't think it will) you should be able to use the $50 as a partial payment toward a more expensive plan.

    2. This was not listed under the refill card, but the "Verizon Walmart Exclusive $50 Refill Prepaid Airtime" that was listed above.

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