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Boost Mobile Launches Warp 4G and its First Refurbished Phones

Sprint's Boost Mobile Prepaid brand is now selling "Certified Pre-owned", aka Refurbished phones. Currently the following models are available, while supplies last. 

Kyocera Hydro $52.99 (if new- reg $79.99, on sale for $59.99) 

Samsung Transform Ultra $61.99 (no longer available, last sold for $99.99 reg, $79.99 on sale) 

Samsung Galaxy Rush $64.99 (if new -  reg $99.99, on sale $74.99) 

LG Venice $129.99 (if new - reg $179.99. on sale, $149.99 

Samsung Galaxy SII $179.99 (if new $249.99, recently on sale for $199.99)

While I like the idea of refurbished phones and Sprint's are generally indistinguishable from new, I'm a little disappointed by the meager discounts compared with Boost's sale prices for new phones. I guess I'm a bit spoiled by Straight Talk, NET10 and Tracfone's refurbs which generally sell for less than half the price of their new equivalents. Still refurbs are a good way to get at least a little more bang for the buck.

Boost also launched a new high-spec phone today, it's the
Boost Warp 4G
made by ZTE and pictured at right..

The Warp 4G is priced at $199.99 with features that include:

4G LTE data
Android 4.1 Jelly Bean
4.5 inch 720 x 1280px HD screen
8 MP main and 1 MB front facing cameras
1.2 Ghz dual-core processor
1 GB RAM, 8 GB internal memory
2070 Mhz battery with a claimed talk time of 12 hours.

These are very respectable specs for the price, which if typical of Boost will soon be discounted. Some of  ZTE's earlier phones for Boost had software issues, here's hoping this one will redeem the brand's reputation.

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  1. I have purchased refurbed Tracfone feature phones in the past and they were indistinguishable from new phones. I wonder if you are taking a greater chance with a refurbed smart phone due to the greater complexity of both the hardware and the software, and the greater susceptibility to damage from dropping, etc., that won't necessarily show up by looking at the phone?

  2. Support ZTE equals Support for the Chinese military. Plus ZTE makes unreliable phones.

  3. support for Chinese engineering perhaps. not much different than Chinese manufactured iPhones.

  4. Boost Mobile iPhone rumors are back stronger than ever. Now with ad pictures!

  5. And Now Boost Mobile has a new referral program. Up to 12 new refferals per year.

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