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Deal: Factory Refurbished 16 GB Verizon iPhone 4 for $229.99 With Free Shipping

Now that the iPhone 4 has been discontinued, it's starting to show up at close out prices online. Virgin Mobile is unloading their remaining stock of 8GB iPhones for $199.99, which is great deal provided you have good Sprint coverage.

For the rest of us, here's an iPhone 4 deal for Verizon and Verizon MVNO users. Deals site 1Sale.com (formerly 1SaleADay) is the selling the brand new in box factory refurbished 16 GB Verizon iPhone 4 in white or black for $229.99 with free shipping. The deal is good until midnight Pacific time, today Sept. 16. The Verizon iPhone is fully supported on Verizon prepaid and also works on Verizon MVNOs Selectel and unofficially, PagePlus. Verizon's off-contract price for the 16 GB iPhone 4 was $499.99 until last week.

Although the iPhone 4 was launched three years ago, it does have the high resolution Retina display and can run the latest Apple OS, iOS 7, although some features like Siri aren't supported.


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  1. It says right on their page:

    Factory Refurbished

    1. You are right! I was fooled by the "Brand new sealed OEM accessories included: Headphones, USB charger & Wall socket to USB converter" claim.

  2. Sounds good,but what does factory refurbished mean?

  3. I don't mind refurbish, as in my experience you get a new OEM battery, but being a sealed battery, who knows.

  4. Are these "factory" refurbished by Apple or an Apple authorized remanufacturer?

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