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Free SIMs and Half Price Airtime for New PTel Customers From ACRS Wireless

PTel online dealer ACRS Wireless is running a promotion that gives new PTel users a free SIM and deeply discounted airtime for limited time. Combine these offers with some Prepaid Phone News exclusive promo codes to get a 50% discount on airtime.

Update: the codes no longer work but even without them ACRS has the best prices I've found for preactivated PTel SIMs with airtine

  • PTel SIM with a $10 Real PayGo credit. Sale price $6. Use $1 off code LOJJFV3O to make it just $5
  • PTel SIM with one month service on the $40 Unlimited Plan. Sale price $25 or $20 with code CJG7GM9A
  • PTel SIM with one month service on the $50 Unlimited Plan. On sale for $30 or $25 with code CJG7GM9A
Shipping is free. These deals are only good for new Ptel activations or when porting a number into a new Ptel account. The airtime is tied to the SIM and can't be applied to an existing PTel account.

PTel is a T-Mobile a MVNO that was founded in 2001. PTel is notable for low plan prices and for having good US based customer support.  PTEL SIMs work with any T-Mobile phone locked or unlocked and with unlocked GSM phones.The following plans are available:

Plan Cost Voice Minutes Texts 2 MMS Data
Real PayGo $10/60day1 5¢/each 2¢/each 2¢/each 10¢/MB
$40 Unlimited Everything $40/30 days unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited (throttled to 128 kbps after 250 MB)
$50 Unlimited Everything $50/30 days unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited (throttled to 128 kbps after 2 GB)
1 Other refill denominations are available; $20/90days, $30/120 days, $40/150 days, $50/180 days, $100/365 days.
2 International texts included at no extra charge

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  1. Who is the service provider (AT&T, Verizon, etc) and will this half price be for one month or will it stand the entire time one is with this company.

    1. Ptel is a T-Mobile MVNO. The discounts are one time, not ongoing.

  2. For the pay go. Is the $10 credit just to have service or is it a balance from where the money gets deducted with usage?

    1. It's a balance that you can use for calls, text and data. The balance expires after 60 days but rolls over if you top up before it expires.

    2. My balance rolled over on Ptel after status went from active to Suspended.

      Ptel will roll over balance until account is canceled, which is after 30 suspended days.

      What Ptel does that I find annoying is:
      1) PayGo top-ups do not stack.
      2) Balance expires after 1 yr (except $100 top-up).

    3. On Ptel, paygo airtime (except $100 top-up) expires 1 year after it is added. Ptel deducts from the airtime added first. E.G:

      1. You add $50 on Jan 1, and use $8/month for 6 months.
      2. You add another $50 on June 30, and use nothing.
      3. You add another $50 on December 26, and use nothing.
      4. $2 expires on Jan 1, one year after it was added. You will have until June 30 to use the next $50 or lose the remaining balance of this $50, assuming you add more airtime by June 26.

  3. HoFo ID Grateful4adviceSeptember 24, 2013 at 4:26 PM

    Tried the codes on both the $50 and $40 plans but not working for either. "Customer Service" asked me to email them at a personal gmail address and they would look into it. Sure wish Ptel still offered similar discounts.

  4. I tried last week but the codes didn't work for me either.

  5. Hello to all, sorry for the issue to every one, discount code was fix, Now we offer $5 credit on the account for International calling!! on every Unlimited plan , if you buy the $40 Unlimited Plan for $20 on Ptel.ws website you will get $5 extra on the account to make International calls...Please any issue with the codes email us at : [email protected] or call us at 561 582 2228 , thanks
    ACRS Wireless.

  6. I bought one. They are shipping the SIMs activated. So the clock is ticking (2 month for $10). Can't buy multiples for later use

  7. Hi Dennis,

    If you buy the $40 or $50 SIM & PLAN, how long do you have before either one expires? I have about SIX PTEL unactivated Pin Cards from PTEL's old (PTEL25BRAD) Sale...Will I be able to add those SIX PTEL unactivated Pin Cards to this NEW (ACRS-sponsored) SIM account?

    Thanks for your help!

    1. I believe ACRS' SIMs come pre-activated with the plan PIN already applied.

      Unused PTEL PINs are supposed to be good for a year, SIMs at least that long probably longer.

      You should be able to use any PIN to top up the ACRS SIM.

  8. I can confirm the SIMs come preactivated with a new phone number assigned based upon shipping zip code. Keep in mind the clock is ticking on your 30 day plan during the time in transit via first class.

  9. Hofo ID Grateful4adviceOctober 11, 2013 at 3:49 PM

    I received my SIM as advertised and can report ACRS has excellent customer service with almost no hold time during my two calls. The gentleman I spoke to stated ACRS can only discount an activated SIM. They are giving $7 international call credit vs. $5 at Ptel.

    Note to international callers - dial 835 to place an international call, wait for message then dial country code, phone number then # symbol. Don't enter 011

  10. HoFo ID Grateful4adviceNovember 4, 2013 at 3:45 PM

    These codes are no longer working. I called ACRS' 877 number. Pressing 2 for sales forwards you to a disconnected Verizon Wireless number. ACRS is not a Verizon dealer. Pressing 3 for customer service led to a Hispanic man who spoke little Engilsh. He informed me ACRS was moving and they were not able to look into the codes not working until after their move.

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