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Get $30 For Switching to T-Mobile's GoSmartMobile

T-Mobile's GoSmartMobile value brand has a new offer for anyone who switches to the service in the next two weeks. From September 20 through October 4 customers who activate a new line of service on GoSmart or who port a number into a GoSmart account will get a $30 account credit. The credit will be applied 5 days before the new user's first month of service ends.

The promotion is good for all GoSmart activations on any plan whether done online or in-store.

GoSmart operates on T-Mobile's native network with no roaming (map). There are three prepaid monthly plans available:
  • $30/month Unlimited Talk and Text, including picture messaging but no other data
  • $35/month Unlimited Talk Text and Web at "2G" speeds of about 118 Kbps
  • $45/month Unlimited Talk Text and data with the first 5 GB  at "3G" speeds of about 910 Kbps. After 5 GB data speeds are further slowed to 2G speeds
There are also a couple of international add-ons available:
  • $5/month unlimited international text (but not picture) messaging
  • $10/month unlimited texting and calls to landline numbers in 46 (list) countries
GoSmart seems to be targeting the Bring Your Own Phone crowd as they only offer one phone online, a basic Alcatel QWERTY candy bar for $69 ($19 after mail in rebate).  GoSmart SIMs are $8 and will work wih any T-Mobile or unlocked GSM phone.

GoSmart's $30 plan is  a cost effective choice for users in T-Mobile markets who don't need data but do use lots of minutes and texts. However, data on the $35 plan is too slow to be very usable for much of anything except checking email. The $45 plan is a better choice for smartphone users. Its 910 Kbps data speed is faster than Sprint and Verizon's typical 3G speeds and is fine for most uses including streaming music or YouTube videos.

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  1. I tried out GoSmart for a few months. I had no problems with signal or service. I bought and activated my sim card from a local retailer and a new number, so I have no experience with ordering online or porting).

    While 910kbps down seems slow, it was actually quite usable for checking email, social media, web browsing and streaming video (at least with youtube only SD though...HD you have a wait a bit for it to buffer so you can comfortably watch).

    I'd probably still be using it, but decided to move to Tmo's $30 prepaid plan (100min/5gb data) since it was cheaper and still offered what I needed.

  2. Do they charge taxes and fees on top of the monthly rates?

  3. Gosmart's 910kbps data sure beats Sprint but isn't nearly as fast as Verizon 3g using a Rev A phone. Of course Verizon has blanketed the country in Lte so only us prepaid customers still use 3g.

  4. Interesting fine print on the Gosmart website:

    Network Management: Certain T-Mobile plans may be prioritized over GoSmart Mobile plans during periods of congestion.

    1. Priority levels are set by all carriers, helps to channel traffic on the network. They are usually priorities by post paid to pre paid then mnvo's

  5. If you don't mind getting a new number periodically you can order activated GoSmMob SIMs on the $35 plan for $22.50 at Wireless Warehouse. A pretty good deal for Unl TnT and data.

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