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Jolt Mobile Plans Now Include Unlimited International Calls to Your Favorite Country

A reader tipped me that AT&T MVNO Jolt Mobile has updated its plan lineup. The biggest change is new monthly plans with included international calling features.  Here's the new lineup:

  • Pay as You Go - 10¢/minute, 10¢/text or MMS, 20¢/international text or MMS, data is 30¢/MB. Minimum payment is $10 every 90 days. Unused credit rolls over when you refill within 90 days.There's a  $1/month maintenance fee plus a 99¢ e911 fee charged on this plan only. 
  • $15/month Talk and Text - 250 voice minutes (6¢/minute) or 500 texts (3¢ each) per month. Data is 50¢/MB, MMS are 15¢/each and international SMS or MMS are 30¢ each.  Unused credit rolls over when you refill within 30 days.
  • $30/month Unlimited Talk & Text - no included data 
  • $40/month Unlimited Talk, Text & Favorite Country - includes 100 MB and unlimited calling to one country. There's no list of available countries on the Jolt website, you have to call Jolt to find out what countries are covered. I asked about the five "market basket" countries that I use to compare international plans. According to Jolt; Canada and China are available favorite countries with both mobile and landline calling supported. Mexico and the UK are available for landline numbers only and the Philippines is not available as a favorite country . The plan also includes an rollover international call credit good for up to 1000 minutes of calling, based on Jolt's international rates start at about 0.5¢/minute for calls to Canada so the credit is about $5.
  • $55/month Unlimited Talk, Text & Favorite Country - includes 500 MB of data, 100 international SMS text messages and the same favorite country feature as the $40 plan but no international calling credit.
  • $60/month Unlimited Talk & Text - includes 1 GB of data, 100 international SMS text messages and up to 500 free international minutes, but no favorite country feature.

Jolt's website is very confusing and vague about what's included with each plan. The plan information above is based on a call to Jolt support.

Jolt's new favorite country feature on $40 and $55 plans together make those plans a good choice if you need to make a lot of international calls to one country and that country is one of those included. But the small amount of data included with monthly plans and the high data rates on pay as you go are disappointed compared with other AT&T MVNOs.  Jolt SIMs are also pricey at $10 each plus a $10 "shipping and convenience fee" when ordered directly from Jolt. You may be able to avoid the fee by getting your SIM from a Jolt dealer.


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  1. Airvoice is better

  2. Yeah, much better deals on the low end plans such as Airvoice $10 plan for 250 mins or 500 texts. Although I love Airvoice data allotment I'm still on H2O due to the family discount.

  3. Jolt paygo still charges a 99c e911 fee in addition to the $1 maintenance. It is listed as an "Other Feature." After the two fees, you only have 13 minutes of calling for your $3.33/month minimum. 26c/minute is not good.

  4. Spotmobile is better

  5. The "unlimited" international calling could be great for some people, and could save a lot of money.

  6. Why is it that the Philippines is not on
    any carrier's unlimited, VoIP, or favorite
    list? Does the dominant local telco
    there, aka PLDT (Phil Long Distance
    Telephone) charge your first born to
    terminate the call?

    1. Yes that's why. Philippine carriers charge higher call termination fees than carriers in the countries included in unlimited or cheap international calling offers

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