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Next G Mobile's $10, $20 and $30 Value Plans Are Now Available

The new Value Plans that Verizon MVNO Next G Mobile announced five weeks ago are finally available. There are three Value plans:
  • $10 Plan (New): 300 voice minutes, 500 text messages, no data, no MMS, good for 30 days 
  • $20 Plan (New): 500 voice minutes, 1000 text messages, no data, no MMS, good for 30 days 
  • $30 Plan (New): 1200 voice minutes, 4000 text messages, no data, no MMS. good for 30 days 
These plans represent some of the best values available from any Verizon MVNO for light talk and text only light usage. Like all Next G plans they include off network roaming voice and text roaming at no extra cost. Unfortunately there is no way to add data to these or any other Next G plan except the $50 and up unlimited plans. The lack of data is going to seriously limit the appeal of Next G's lower priced plans.

The table below lists all of  Next G's current phone plans.

Plan Price / Duration 1 Voice Minutes SMS MMS Data
Pay As You Go $10/90 days N/A N/A
$10 Monthly $10/30 days 300 500 N/A N/A
$20 Monthly $20/30 days 500 1000 N/A N/A
$30 Monthly $30/30 days 1200 4000 N/A N/A
$40 Unlimited $40/30 days Unlimited Unlimited N/A N/A
$50 Unlimited $50/30 days Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 1 GB 2
$60 Unlimited $60/30 days Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited (throttled after 2GB) 2
$70 Unlimited $70/30 days Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited (throttled after 5GB) 2
A "taxes and Fees" surcharge of approximately 8% is added to all online airtime purchases.
Additional high speed data available at $20 for 1 GB good for 30 days.

Source: Next G Mobile via HowardForums

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  1. Wow, the $10 plan is the best plan of any VZW MVNO for light usage.

  2. Next G: No data? No MMS No way.

    1. Agree, the lack of MMS even for "value" plans is nowadays unacceptable. Besides, many feature phones come with cameras too. How else are they going to send those pics to other phones then?

    2. MMS uses data. I value the lower price $10 plan in lieu of having data. Now, their $20/30 plans probably should include some data.

  3. These aren't very good plans. Besides, I've heard horror stories about NextG on HoFo.

    1. What horror stories have you heard?

    2. Other than the lack of data Next G's Value plans aren't bad.
      The $10 has more minutes and texts than PagePlus' $12 plan and the same number of minutes and more texts compared with Selectel's $15 plan.

      The only complaint I've seen about Nect G on Hofo is that their unlimited data plans (which they no longer offer) weren't actually unlimited.

  4. Subscribers can not see their balances from their phones like on Page-Plus. Want your balance? You have to call CS every time.
    Same with Selectel.

  5. Replies
    1. Their logo doesn't. The graphic on this is page that says 4G does come from the the Next G Web site. But they do not offer 4G at this time.

  6. All Verizon mvnos are 3G only as is Verizon prepaid. Rumors keep coming and going. All anyone can say is , some day there'll be LTE on Verizon mvnos/prepaid. At that point, expect postpaid to have LTE -A (Advanced). Verizon's coverage has carried it far and wide and they're sticking to their story until the cows come home.

  7. Do you really need a data plan if you are surrounded by wifi?

  8. pay as you go is 10¢ minute, 10¢ text. I've been waiting for these $10 $20 $30 plans. I recently activated on the $40 unlimited and 2 pay as you go plans. No problems so far, and the ppl I've called say it sounds better than landline (and my x sprint service).

    1. The Next G Web site says pay as you go is 5¢ per text or minute in one place and 10¢ per text or minute in another.

      I just called Next G and the rep insisted it's actually 10¢/minute and 5¢/text! At this point I don't know who to believe.

  9. When I activated my kids phones on the pay as you go plan, I was informed that it was 10¢/10¢
    I will be calling today about the $30 plan, so I will interrogate them about the truth in the pay as you go and get back with ya'll

  10. They confirmed that it is 10¢/10¢ , and the usage on the phones I have indicate that is the correct figure. Hope this helps everyone with the Pay as you Go plan.

  11. Pageplus charges $11.50 on standard plan for 100 minutes used over 3 months after the 50c/month fee is included. NextG charges $10.80 with 8% tax on paygo for 100 minutes, and includes free roaming. Over a 4-month period with the same average ~33 min/month, NextG charges $14.40 with tax, and Pageplus $15.30 (with $2 for fees). Extra minutes cost 10c each on both plans.
    If you don't need the option of 99c/mb data NextG is better for very light use, unless you consistently average less than 26 minutes/month, the break-even point.

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