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PTel Adds $5 International Calling Credit to Monthly Plans

Competition among T-Mobile MVNOs has been heating up lately with Simple, Spot and Ultra Mobile all increasing the amount of high speed data included with their plans. Spot Mobile also upped the amount of international call credit included with most of its plans.

Today, PTel, one of the bigger T-Mobile MVNOs, announced to its dealers that it has added a $5/month international call credit to both of its monthly plans, which are priced at $40 and $50. The announcement also hinted that PTel will be making other plan improvements within the next month or so.

The new $5 international credit is not mentioned on PTel's website yet but I believe it is effective immediately.

Here's the current PTel plan lineup:
Plan Cost Voice Minutes Texts 2 MMS Data
Real PayGo $10/ 60days 1 5¢/each 2¢/each 2¢/each 10¢/MB
$40 Unlimited Everything 3 $40/30 days unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited (throttled to 128 kbps after 250 MB)
$50 Unlimited Everything 3 $50/30 days unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited (throttled to 128 kbps after 2 GB)
1 Other refill denominations are available; $20/90days, $30/120 days, $40/150 days, $50/180 days, $100/365 days.
2 International texts included at no extra charge
3 $5/month international call credit incuded

To see how PTel compares with its T-Mobile based competition see, T-Mobile and T-Mobile MVNOs Compared.

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  1. I asked PTel directly. Here's what they said:

    Whenever you topup your account through a PTel authorized agent, you will receive that $5 credit. The remaining balance of the $5 credit is removed after the days of service has expired.
    If you provide me with your zip code, I can check our database for the nearest PTel agent if you were interested.
    We have not heard anything about this being available to our customers that top up online.

  2. Hi Dennis,

    ULTRA MOBILE offers 500MB of 4G Data @ the $39 price. Do you think PTEL will increase their 4G Data @ their $40 price?...They had better, if they want to stay in the game because right now, it STILL seems that ULTRA MOBILE has a better offer @ the $39 PLAN!

  3. Ultra Mobile may advertise lower rates but their customer service is awful and the company behaves suspiciously. I thought about becoming an Ultra dealer but they have used mail drops in LA, Brooklyn, Las Vegas and Reno and go to great lengths to hide their real address and phone number. The 800 phone number on the website goes to a call center in Manila. I spoke with the call center manager and even he did not have a phone number for Ultra only an email address. I finally got a cellphone number for the owner through their publicist. He is not someone with whom I would choose to do business.
    Let's not forget about the numerous phoney job postings Ultra has posted within the last year. Phoney ??? Yes Ultra posted numerous jobs for technical positions only a cellular company who had their own towers to maintain would need. Obviously, as an MVNO with no infrastructure to maintain Ultra had no legitimate need for these technicians and engineers. I can only speculate as to why they would post job openings for positions that don't exist. Perhaps Ultra wants to appear larger or more substantial than they really are or perhaps Ultra hoped to receive free publicity through these fake job postings. Your guess is as good as mine.

    PS: Forget about their promotional plan called Ultra University, it is a scam.

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