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Update No Longer Available: RingPlus Opens Free Mobile Phone Service

As promissed, new Sprint MVNO RingPlus opened signups for its free ad-supported mobile service promptly at 8 AM PDT today.

Update  8:45 AM: Well that didn't last long! The free promotion is now closed. Any readers get in?

The free plan is a limited promotion that includes 300 minutes and 50 texts per month. Additional minutes and texts are 2¢/each. Data is not available but Ring Plus says it will be soon for 2¢/MB. The free service is at least partially funded by advertisements that play during the time between when a call is placed and the called party or voice mail answers.

The free plan is limited to an unspecified number of signups and could end at anytime. If you miss out on today's promotion, free plan signups will reopen Friday Sept. 6 at 10 PM PDT.

The promotional free plan is only available if you "Bring Your Own Sprint Phone" (BYOSP). RingPlus can activate most clean ESN Sprint or Sprint MVNO phones with the exception of iPhones and possibly BlackBerrys. To sign up for the free plan go to my.ringplus.net/device_validation_requests/new.

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  1. Got one, but not sure it will really work as I tried an old Virgin Mobile phone, although it claimed the ESN was fine...the final page though indicated some programming was necessary...

  2. I got in and was able to activate an inactive Virgin Mobile phone. Once I performed the manual programming and the phone rebooted I was able to place and receive calls on the phone.

  3. Activated a Samsung M320 (a former PlatinumTel phone before they went GSM). Works fine for talk and text. Just no voicemail notifications so far. Still a great deal for an emergency or low usage phone with free service.

  4. Activated a Sprint HTC Touch Pro 2. RingPlus voicemail system seems different from that of Sprint and it works as expected, but the notification does not show up. Conditional call forwarding code for Sprint to activate Google voicemail did not work either

  5. Sanyo Mirro works fine, and I do not hear any commercials after I dial. No complaint will be filed ;-)

    1. You better NOT file a complaint against RingPlus! They have smart, young, ambitious, highly trained lawyers who will put you in your place. :)

  6. I was able to activate a Virgin Mobile 3G device, running Android 4.0.

    I also received the "502 Bad Gateway" messages. I refreshed the browser a few times and was able to successfully establish an account with a working Sprint number.

    I was lucky enough to receive a phone number whose prefix and central office are in my city. Of course number availability is driven by zip code, in this case, my billing address zip code against Sprint's available blocks of numbers.

    Thanks to Dennis the "heads-up" on this offer, and to Ring Plus for offering the promotion.

    Now that my Ring Plus service is up and running, it's time to go back and read today's Investors Business Daily and review money making free-market, imperialistic and capitalist-pig ventures.


  7. I still can't locate anything that lists what features are included in a ringplus account such as voicemail, caller ID, call reject, forwarding and so on. I've looked all over their website. I did establish an account with them but have not activated a phone yet.

    1. The features are likely the same as other Sprint MVNOs
      voicemail: yes
      caller ID: yes
      call reject: no
      conditional call forwarding: no

  8. Using RingPlus for outgoing calls will let me save ~$9/month on Vonage. 300 minute plan vs. 750 plan, plus tax.

  9. I was able to activate an old Virgin Mobile phone using just the ESN. The phone is at a relative's house, uncharged and sitting in a box. When I checked my account today, there were 2 inbound calls, 1 for 1 minute and 1 for 64 minutes (!!!). How could this phone receive 2 inbound calls when it isn't even on? I called customer service to close my account, which the person said he did--except when I check it I see that it is exactly as it was. I'm freaked my credit card will be charged; supposedly I can delete my credit card once there is no phone number on the account, which hasn't happened.
    Just my experience--YMMV...

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