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Spot Mobile Increases Hi-Speed Data Allowance and International Call Credit On Monthly Plans

T-Mobile MVNO Spot Mobile has revamped their plans lineup. The biggest change is an increase in the amount of high speed data and international calling credit on most of Spot's unlimited talk and text plans and a new $29.99 unlimited plan. The monthly unlimited plan changes include:

  • $59.99 plan - 3GB of high-speed data (was 2 GB), $20 international call credit (no change).
  • $49.99 plan - 2GB of high-speed data (was 1 GB), $15 international call credit (was $10)
  • $39.99 plan - 1GB of high-speed data (was 500 MB), $10 international call credit (was $5)
  • $29.99 plan (new) - 250 MB of high-speed data, $5 international calling credit

All four monthly plans also come with unlimited voice minutes, unlimited domestic and international SMS text messages and unlimited domestic MMS picture messages. The $39.99 and higher plans also included unlimited data throttled to 128 Kbps after the high-speed data allowance is used up.

Spot also cut the prices of  some of their other plans. The $15 day plan is now $22.99 (it was $24.99) and the price of the 250, 500 and 1200 minute/text per month plans went down by $2 each. The table below lists all of Spot's current plans

Price Duration Voice Texts (Domestic and International) International Voice Data (Web & MMS)
$5.00 and up (PAYGO) 90 days 10¢/minute 5¢/each extra cost 2 none
$9.99 30 days 50 minutes 50 texts extra cost 2 none 1
$12.99 30 days 250 minutes 250 texts extra cost 2 50 MB 1
$14.99 7 Days Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited to 17 countries 2,3 Unlimited (throttled to 128 Kbps)
$22.99 15 days Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited to 17 countries 2,3 Unlimited (throttled to 128 Kbps)
$23.99 30 days 500 minutes 500 texts extra cost 2 50 MB 1
$24.99 30 days Unlimited Unlimited extra cost 2 none
$27.99 30 days 1200 minutes 1200 texts extra cost 2 50 MB 1
$29.99 30 days Unlimited Unlimited $5 Int'l call credit  2 250 MB
$39.99 30 days Unlimited Unlimited $10 Int'l call credit 2 Unlimited (throttled after 1 GB)
$49.99 30 days Unlimited Unlimited $15 Int'l credit plus unlimited calls to 17 countries 2,3 Unlimited (throttled after 2 GB)
$59.99 30 days Unlimited Unlimited $20 Int'l credit plus unlimited calls to 17 countries 2,3 Unlimited (throttled after 3 GB)
1 Data add-ons available: 100 MB - $10, 250 MB - $15, 500 MB $25
2 International add-ons: 500 minutes to 50 countries (details) - $10. Unlimited calls to 5 numbers in one of 40 countries (details) - $10.
3 Includes unlimited international calls to: Canada(including cell phones), Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, Peru, Argentina, Puerto Rico, China, Hong Kong, Ireland, South Korea, Germany, Spain, France, Israel.

Spot's plan changes continue the recent trend of T-Mobile MVNOs increasing their data allowances on monthly plans. In the last two weeks Ultra Mobile, Simple Mobile  and now Spot have upped their data allowances. Spot's latest changes make it the most generous with data at the $30 and $40 price point but behind Simple and Solavei at the $50 and $60 levels. But I wouldn't be surprised to see Ptel and Lycamobile shake things up with data increases of their own in the coming days and weeks.  See T-Mobile and T-Mobile MVNOs Compared for current details of all the T-Mobile based options.

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  1. Excellent.
    Just do not understand the 27.99 "facebook". Apparently the 50mb data is the reason for the $3.00 increase over its 24.99 unlimited with no data. Is MMS unlimited even though the data is capped???

    1. I'm not sure how "Facebook" got pasted into the table's Voice column but it wasn't supposed to be there.

      The $27.99 is a holdover from an older group of "Monthly Savings Plans" that Spot offered before the $24.99 unlimited was created. It no long offers any savings for most people.

      MMS uses data so the number of MMS you can send and receive is limited by the amount of data available.

  2. Thank You Dennis. I confirmed that the 27.99 monthly savings plan is still available. 1200 minutes voice/1200 minutes domestic and international texts, 50mb data allotment. MMS is part of data which you described in the previous reply.

  3. Does Spot Mobile have a solid track record like Ptel? Or is it more of a fly by night operation such as LycaMobile (USA division)?

    1. Spot Mobile was founded in 1986 and is a publicly traded (OTC) company under ticker Symbol RPID.
      Lycamobile is Europe's largest MVNO.
      I wouldn't call either of them fly by night.

    2. Spot Mobile Intl Ltd stock trades for $.01 on OTC Markets Group. Actually that is up 66.67%! It was trading at $0.00.
      Hasn't been over $.10 for the past year. Virtually no improvement for a long time. Big losses, last time I checked. Sales down 31.7%+ over the past year. 5-yr sales groth -3.86%. Cap spending -56.55% over past 5 years. Quick ration .01. Current ration .03. Gross margin -7.41%. EBITD margin -33.76. EBITD 5 yr. avg -6.11.
      Used to be called Rapid Link.
      They are not getting my phone number.

  4. This is the best overall variety of plans I have seen. Even though the 24.99/30 day plan has no data, not everyone needs it.
    Shame though that the T-Mobile MVNO's accepted phone types are mainly the Android, and Macs. Programming for feature phones that are not usually found mainstream are not done. AT&T MVNO's for whatever peculiar reason have a much more extensive list of accepted devices that can be programmed for data and MMS.

    1. The problem with getting data and MMS to work on feature phones is that the data setup menus are often hidden or not user editable.

      Any unlocked feature phone with accessible data and MMS settings can be configured to work on a T-Mobile MVNO as easily as on an AT&T one.

    2. I agree Dennis. The phone I have the menus are not exactly hidden but not configured to be very editable. Spot tried sending an OTA provision, but the phone never received it. Why with Red Pocket the OTA worked perfectly is peculiar. And once their programming updated the MMS and data settings, they are compatible with all other AT&T MVNO's. Apparently T-Mobile MVNO's need to update their accepted feature phone list.

  5. The $30 plan looks real good!! best so far among the GSM MVNOs. But their data addon is expensive compared to Ultra Mobile...

  6. LycaMobile's USA division is very new to the T-Mobile USA MVNO community. Lots of issues with porting and no MMS support. It appears to be in the USA Spot Mobile is doing fairly well in terms of estimated revenue. For me to port into another carrier I have to feel relatively safe the company will not disappear one day and I loose my cell number as I use it for both work and personal use. Nobody calls me on the landline other than immediate family or telemarketers and politicians. See some of my research findings and why I still will consider Spot Mobile. I like the concepts in place with Ultra Mobile but I am a little hesitant to say the least with such puny revenue.

    Annual Revenue Estimate $100,001 to $500,000

    Yak Communications
    Spot Mobile, Yak America Inc
    Annual Revenue Estimate $5 to 10 million


    Uvnv Inc.
    Ultra Mobile
    Annual Revenue Estimate $360,000

    1. Spot Mobil International, the holding company that includes Spot Mobile Corp (Tmobile MVNO) and Mr. Prepaid has a total market capitalization of only $438,810. Revenue per employee: 0.69. Income per employee? -0.28. Stock price? $0.01. Price/Earnings ratio: -0.09
      Gross margin? -11.46. Net margin? -41.36. Return on assets? -227.83.
      16 employees for the holding group. Net income? -$4.54M on revenue of $10.97M.
      Spot is not a strong, growing company based on these numbers.

  7. Yak revenue includes sales and services that have nothing to do with Spot Mobile cellular services.
    You cannot rely on self-reported figures. Even if all the figures are accurate, there are reporting lags.

  8. I just got the $30 plan, does anybody knows what happens after 250mb is used, is it Soft (throttle) or Hard (cut off untill you buy more) caps?

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