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Switch From a Contract Plan to Sprint MVNO Ting and Get Up to $75 of Your ETF Reimbursed

Sprint MVNO Ting announced a new promotion today that will help mobile contract users go contract free. If you switch from a contract carrier to Ting and owe your old carrier an early termination fee (ETF), Ting will give you a credit equal to 25% of your ETF up to a maximum of $75 per line.

This isn't the first time Ting has done an ETF reimbursement promotion. For a short time in January, Ting was reimbursing 100% of ETFs for customers who switched to the service. That promotion was limited to a total of $100,000 in reimbursements. Unfortunately the deal was so popular that the whole $100K was gone in minutes.  This time around, although the promotion is only 25% of the ETF, and capped at $75 per line, Ting says this is a permanent deal, not  a limited promotion.

Here's what you have to do to get the ETF reimbursement:

  • Activate a new device with Ting. It can be a new phone purchased from Ting, or from another source like Ebay or a Sprint phone that you already own.
  • Port your old phone number to Ting.
  • When you get your final bill from your old carrier showing your ETF amount, use a web form on the Ting site to upload a scanned copy or a readable photo or PDF of the final bill. 
  • Within two business days after you submit your documents, Ting will credit your account 25% of your ETF up to a maximum of $75 for each line that you move to Ting 
The reimbursement is per line so if you are on a family plan and switch multiple users and phone numbers over to Ting you can get up to $75 per line. 

Source, Image: Ting Blog


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  1. Wow! This is a permanent deal? What a great company! If I owe $300, they'll give me $75 to switch, leaving me to pay only $225. If I owe more than $300, I still get a whole $75, so I have to pay even more! If I owe less than $300, then I get less. Who could resist?

    Instead of that graphic of a lighter torching a contract, it would have been more appropriate to show the lighter burning dollar bills.

    1. Perfect example of why math-challenged people stay on contract year after year. All they can compute is the cost of their ETF and the price of a new phone if they are ready to upgrade. They cannot calculate their monthly savings or a simple break-even point when switching to prepaid.
      The major wireless companies love people who can't do the math. They would probably pay for blog posts like the one above.

  2. Web search 'Ting Coupon' and you can get another $25 off your Ting phone purchase. If you buy a refurb they give you a service credit instead (people used the original $50 credit to buy refurbs for resale and use on other Sprint MVNOs).

  3. This offer probably won't attract a lot of people at the beginning or near the end of their contracts. They won't want to pay $225 or more for the ETF, or buy that new phone they want (near 2 years with their current one) for full price. Ting is probably aiming at people in the middle of the contract, say 10-14 months in. After a year, the EFF may be down to $150, and their phone is still working fine and looking decent. Ting offers $75 plus a $25 coupon which pays 2/3 of the remaining ETF. $50 to get out of the contract and start saving, and the phone is good for another year. Even if they save only $15/month compared to a Sprint contract, they will get the $50 back in about 3 months, and net $130 over the first year on Ting. They don't give up voice and sms roaming, good customer service and tech support, or a good user community.
    I think this offer will attract Sprint customers to Ting.

    1. My math error. Discount is 25% of $150 in the example, $37.50 + $25 coupon, or $72.50. Half of the ETF as a discount, deal pays for itself in about 5 months, for 1st year savings of $107.50.

    2. OK, OK; the discount is $62.50. 1st year net savings of $92.50. I am through with this.

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