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We all know that texting while driving is dangerous yet we continue to do it. You hear that text tone and know that it's your best friend, lover, son, daughter or mom sharing something important. You really need to look at that text. After all you are only going glance at it for a second or two and you can still keep one eye on the road. You will be OK. And you probably will, until one day you won't.

Every day an average of ten Americans are killed because someone was texting. The risks are so much greater than people realize. It's easy to drift into the shoulder and kill a jogger or cyclist while you have one eye on the road and the other on your phone. The second you take your eyes off the road is the second that some fool will miss-judge your speed and try to make a quick turn in front of you.

I just watched "From One Second To The Next", a moving but sad documentary video created by the award winning movie producer Werner Herzog. The video tells the story of four people whose lives were forever changed horribly for the worse because they or someone else couldn't resist the urge to look at or reply to a text while driving.

No one's life is worth a Facebook status or a quick "I'll be there in 5 minutes" text. If a text is important enough to look at, it's important enough to pull over and stop the car for.

Visit itcanwait.com to learn more about the dangers of texting and driving and share your commitment against it on Twitter and Facebook.



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  1. Chevy suburban drivers are the worst,no care about anything but themselves.

  2. Since people are too stupid, selfish, or self-important to not have regard for other's safety, I am perfectly okay with laws banning texting while driving. Normally, I'm a fan of much less government intervention but when people ignore the warnings, it becomes a public health and safety issue - much like drunk driving. However, despite harsh penalties, people continue to do the behaviors.

  3. Thank you for sharing this, Dennis.

  4. ME HATE:

    People Who Text While Driving!!!

    People Who Have Their Phones To Their Ears While Driving!!!

    People Who Are TOO STUPID To Not Use A Bluetooth Handsfree Earpiece Or A Bluetooth Handsfree Speaker-Radio System To Take Calls In Car While Driving!!!

    People Who Think It's Okay To Pick Up Their Phone For JUST A MOMENT (But That's Really Much More Than Just A Moment) While Driving!!!!!!!

    People Who Drive Through Stop Signs Without Stopping!!!!!!!!!!

    People Who Think They Stopped But Really Rolled Through Stop Signs!!!!!!!

    People Who Don't Look Both Ways At Stop Signs!!!!!!!!!

    People Who Think They Look Both Ways But Don't At Stop Signs!!!!!!!

    People Who Drink And Drive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    People Who Think They Didn't Drink Too Much & Therefore Drive!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    People Who Are Just Stupid Idiot Drivers!!!

    (admit it. there are some of you reading this who do these really STUPID things.... and, because of such STUPIDITY, you will probably die sooner than you think, or you will make someone die sooner than they want to. boo!!!)

  5. Studies show that using hands-free devices is just as dangerous as using a handheld phone. It's the talking that distracts you, not how you do the talking. Strangely, it is less distracting when you are talking to a real human being in the car than it is talking on the phone, but it is still a distraction. My pet peeve--GPS screens mounted on the dashboard where drivers poke at the buttons and watch the screen instead of the road, and at night ruin your night vision.

  6. You can't help but be moved by the video. Watch it and spread the word. When you see someone texting and driving, yell it out: It Can Wait!

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