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The Moto X's Value Priced Little Brother May Be Coming to Republic Wireless Soon

A leaked photo showing what looks like a Republic Wireless timeline of milestones was posted today by tech news site Android Police. The October part of the timeline contains a cryptic line reading:

"Announce DVX availability date"

The photo was discovered on a Flickr page belonging to Bandwith.com (Republic's parent company) by someone who shared it with Android Police.

Android Police believes that "DVX" refers to the Motorola DVX, an unreleased lower priced version of the Moto X targeted at developing markets and prepaid customers.

The DVX is expected to be priced at $200 or less, unlocked and off contract. Based on an FCC filing we know that the DVX in GSM guise doesn't have LTE and but does support quad band (850, 900, 1900, 2100 Mhz) 21.1 Mbps HSPA+ 4G. Republic uses Sprint's CDMA network so today's leak suggests the existence of a CDMA version of the DVX.

It also reportedly sports brightly colored interchangeable back covers,  a 480 x 800 px screen and a choice of 8GB or 16GB of internal storage.

Image: Android Police

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  1. will the moto dvx only work with gsm networks?

  2. if it is only gsm, this will be interesting b/c this would indicate that republic might start using the at&t and t-mobile networks.

    1. Possibly, but I think it's more likely that there will be a CDMA version and that's what Republic will use.

  3. I asked a sales rep via chat and they still don't have it or any info. I would try Republic Wireless if they had a lower priced phone.

  4. This "leak" about the lower cost phone seems to be unverified. I asked a republic wireless rep via chat and they said they do not have this phone and were not even aware of the Motorola DVX model, it would be nice if they had a little bit less expensive phone and might be worth waiting for a new phone to be added. They seem to primarily stay with one phone model at a time so it might be a while. I'd be a lot more interested if the phone were $150 or less instead of $299

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