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Today and Tomorrow Only - Free Page Plus ESN Changes At Kitty Wireless

Page Plus Online Dealer Kitty Wireless is offering free ESN changes from 12:45pm EST today 09/13/2013 through 11:59pm EST tomorrow 09/14/2013.

An ESN (Electronic Serial Number) change is what CDMA carriers call a phone swap. Say you have a Palm Pixi Plus on your PagePlus account and you just bought a Motorola X2 that you want to use instead of the Palm. To switch phones you need to request an ESN change. Many Page Plus dealers, including Kitty Wireless, charge for ESN changes, although Page Plus itself does ESN changes for free if you call them or use the Chat option on the PagePlus Web site.

Using Kitty Wireless is faster and a little more convenient as it's done by filling out a Web form instead of waiting in the queue with PagePlus. Go to http://www.kittywireless.com/pageplus/esnchange.html by the end of the day tomorrow for your free ESN change. ESN changes are automated and normally take about 5 minutes. You will receive an email with programming instructions when your ESN change is complete.

Other Kitty Wireless promotions include.

Free Activations: Page Plus activations with a new Page Plus number (normally $9.99) are free through 3 PM EST on 9/30/13. Click here: kittywireless.com/pageplus/freeactivation.html to activate a phone on a new Page Plus number. To port a number to a new or existing PagePlus account (also free) go to: kittywireless.com/pageplus/freeport.html.

New activations and port-ins come with a free $2 Page Pus airtime credit. In addition, this month of August, Kitty Wireless is also giving everyone who activates new PagePlus service  a coupon good for 25% a $10 Pay As You Go refill or 25% off your first month on the $12 Plan or 10% off the first month on any other monthly plan.

Use coupon code SAVE3 to save 3% off any Page Plus refill PIN or the first month of  month of a new Page Plus AutoPay plan. Valid through 9/30/13.

Use coupon code SERV25 to save 3% off any Page Plus online service such as ESN (phone) or phone number changes. Valid through 9/30/13.

For more about Page Plus see our Prepaid Operator Profile: Page Plus.



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  1. Is there a list of Page Plus compatible phones around? I haven't had much luck finding one, and all I ever see are references to Palm Pixi (and now Motorola X2).

    1. The best and newest Verizon smartphones that are compatible with PagePlus are:
      iPhone 4 and 4S
      Motorola Droid 2, 2 Global and 3
      Motorola X and X2
      Samsung Fascinate
      HTC Droid Incredible and Incredible 2
      Motorola Droid Pro
      Palm Pixi Plus and Pre 2
      LG Ally
      HTC Trophy

    2. The best phone you can use on Pageplus is the Straight Talk iPhone 5. To activate, you may have to dial *228 then option 1 to update the PRL, then dial *22890 as usual to program the phone.

  2. Would this free up the ESN on the phone you transfered from?

  3. I really don't get this. You can easily do an ESN switch through several resellers that have webforms for submitting this. The change gets processed immediately and there is no fee. Finally, one can contact page plus customer service via phone or chat and perform the same function, also free of any charges.

    What fairy dust is kitty trying to sell here?

    1. When services were free, other dealers used KW to service their customers. When she introduced the Kitty Club that provides free services for a one-time fee, other dealers and some customers abused the club too. They do some things to detect the latter and cut cancel club memberships. I suspect the high fees are there to prevent other dealers from using the automation she paid several hundred thousand dollars to develop and maintain, and as a way of selling more club memberships. She probably promotes the club or discount services every month or so to create buzz (that you read here...). Buyer psych; they think they are getting something valuable for nothing or a significant discount?

      If you really need an ESN change, there is no promo, and you don't want to pay $19.95, ask nicely on her forum and you will get one.

    2. Hundred thousand dollars? Come on, their website looks like it was designed by a college student. I looked at their services when I signed up with page plus. I eventually signed up directly with page plus because kitty's site was way overloaded with text and terms.

      I'm no expert in these matters, but do consider myself relatively knowledgeable about computers and cell phone services. Their website is just a maze. The fraud prevention nonsense is something else.

      I'm still trying to get a clear understanding who their "club memberships" are actually geared towards and what true value they provide.

    3. The website is not "the automation." I'll explain in simple terms (for people who are less knowledgeable about computers and cellphone services than you). The website includes web forms that feed data to custom software which runs on the KW servers and connects to the Pageplus backend systems, enabling the various automated services. The custom software development and its integration and maintenance is what cost KW so much.
      If people were stealing hundreds of dollars or more from you each week on web transactions via credit card fraud, you would probably set up 'something else' to stop it too.

  4. I do see she normally charges $20 for this service.

    1. True. I'd never pay that much but for free, why not.

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