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Ultra Mobile Doubles Hi-Speed Data Included With $29 and $39 Plans

T-Mobile MVNO Ultra Mobile has doubled the amount of full-speed data included with its $29 and $39 monthly plans:

  • The $29 plan now comes with 100 MB of 4G data instead of 50 MB 
  • The $39 plan gets 500 MB of 4G data instead of 250 MB 

As before the $39 plan also includes unlimited data throttled to 128 Kbps after the first 500 MB. Both plans also include unlimited voice minutes, unlimited domestic and international text messaging and 1000 minutes of calls to Canada, China/HK, Mexico, Singapore and the UK. (landlines only to Mexico and the UK) and an international call credit of $2.50 on the $29 plan and $5 on the $39 one.

Here's a table showing Ultra's current plan lineup:
Plan Price per Month Voice 5 Text (domestic & international) MMS Data International Call Credit
Talk & Text $19 250 1 Unlimited Limited to available data 50 MB at 4G speeds 2 $1.25 4
Talk & Text + $29 Unlimited Unlimited Limited to available data 100 MB at 4G speeds 2 2.50 4
Talk Text & Data+ $39 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited (500 MB at 4G speeds) 3 $5 4
Talk Text & Data+ $49 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited (1 GB at 4G speeds) 3$20 4
Talk Text & Data+ $59 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited (2 GB at 4G speeds) 3$20 4
1 Additional minutes are available: 50 minutes for $1, 125 Minutes for $2.50 and 250 minutes for $5. Added minutes expire at the end of the current plan month.
2 Additional 4G data is available: 50 MB for $2.50, 250 MB - $5, 500 MB $10. Added data replaces any remaining data in the account and expires at the end of the current plan month
3 Throttled data speed is approximately 128 Kbps. Additional 4G data is available: 500 MB for $10. Added data replaces any remaining data in the account and expires at the end of the current plan month
4 Additional international call credit is available for $2.50 and up. International credit included with plans expires at the end of each billing cycle. Purchased international credit does not expire.
5 Plans $29 and up include 1000 minutes of calls to Canada, China/HK, Mexico, Singapore and the UK. (landlines only to Mexico and the UK). The $19 plan includes 250 minutes to the same countries.

These changes continue the current trend of more and/or cheaper data on T-Mobile MVNOs. Simple Mobile added more data to their plans last month and Spot Mobile is rumored to be increasing data allowances on its monthly plans, possibly as early as next Monday.

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  1. Sweet!! But nothing on the $49 and $59 plan? 😟 ..

  2. Simple Mobile is still better on the $40 plan with 1GB of high speed data...

    1. This is better if you need the international minutes.

  3. Airvoice (ATT MVNO) still the best deal with 1000mb, but you have to call in for your second 500mb.

    1. You do not have to call AirVoice. You can send them a message using the Contact tab on the web page.

  4. whatever happened to ultra's pay-as-you-go "coming soon" offering? ... did they just finally give up on it?

  5. Just wait a couple more days, Tmobile MVNO Spot Mobile will be rolling out a new lineup with more data....
    $29.99 unlimited talk/text/250 megs at 4g
    $39.99 unlimited talk/text/1 gig at 4g
    $49.99 unlimited talk/text/2 gigs at 4g
    $59.99 unlimited talk/text/3 gigs. at 4g

    The $29.99 plan looks amazing!!

  6. Ultra is very mysterious. I researched the company while considering becoming a dealer. They have used mail drops in Brooklyn and Reno and abruptly vacated executive suites outside Los Angeles and Las Vegas. The 800 number rings to an overseas call center. The call center supervisor claimed to have no phone number for Ultra only an email address. No listed US phone number although after some leg work I found an office number for their parent company in Las Vegas with a generic voicemail. Even their free lance publicist can only reach them via email. Ultra has a decent website but I sure don't feel comfortable doing business with them. If you use Ultra I would port my number to Google Voice.

    1. AFAIK Ultra has been based in New York City since their launch. They list their Headquarters as:
      37 Greenpoint Ave
      Brooklyn, NY 11222

    2. look up that address. it's for the Red Star Bar - a sports bar. try calling that bar and ask if they are behind ultra or know if any of their customers are behind ultra.

      my guess is that some guys created ultra while drinking beer at that bar. therefore that's their HQ. lol

    3. I see what you mean. The commercial space above the bar apparently shares the same address as the bar. However from the Google Street View pictures it looks pretty run down and possibly vacant.

    4. oh that bar has probably been there for years. this is brooklyn that we're talking about. you look at the yelp for that bar and you can see the bar is still in business.

      anyways, if you have the money, anyone can set up an mvno. it's just like an expensive affiliate program.

      so, it's probably like this: some guys in the neighbor where that bar is located are having beers watching the ball game. they're talking about their fantasy sports teams and the bets they make when the conversation turns to how cheap one of the guy's smartphone service is. they figure out what mvnos are all about and how easy it can be to set one up if you can come up with the money. one of the guys is is good with web development or knows someone who is, figure out how to do cheap tekephone customer service, etc. etc. etc., and they're in business on the cheap

    5. mail drops in brooklyn and reno. those executive suites in los angeles and las vegas could be rent-per-hour offices where you can look professional where you get that office address and phone number there with receptionist to give you the in-business executive appearance on a monthly basis, only go there to meet potential clients instead of meeting them at home (or at the bar!). cheaper than having a real fulltime office, but that scenario would explain abrupting vacating the place. personally myself explored these sorts of office arrangements. also very much understand the birthing of business ideas while drinking coffee at starbucks or while having a beer at a bar. lol

      oh well really do like their new ultra plans and tempted to get a sim card to try them out.

  7. Ultra is actually one of the bigger and stronger new generation of Tmobile mvnos with an estimated user based of 100 to 250 thousand. How they did this beats me considering I always thought their plans were a little weak compared to Simple mobile and even Spot mobile . But hey, if they're successful and can finally get a real office. So good. A lot of mvnos won't make it till next year.

  8. I do not move my main cell numbers to new MVNOs. I want to use a company that has been around for a while with a good track record, like AirVoice, Pageplus, Ptel, Kajeet, Consumer, PureTalk. Ting, Lyca and Truphone are solid because of their corporate backing or business history, but I would still not port to Lyca yet. I tested Spot, thought they would be OK due to their executives' previous telcom experience and accomplishments, but their Miami "CS" was pathetic and I dropped them. Am testing RingPlus but they are still a beta IMO and have a long way to go in confirming ad revenue can pay the bills. Eco has been good for 8 months for a relative. They have excellent online call records, charge data to the $.0001 and have good US-based CS, but they are a very small company like Ultra, and I do not know whether they will make it.
    I bought an Ultra sim to test 4.9c PayGo last Fall (Soon! November! Jan! Soon!), and it is still sitting in my desk, where it will probably stay.

    1. Does anyone actually ned Paygo anymore? The entire market seems to ahve moved away from Paygo.

      Ting has 10,000 customers. That's laughable after a year.

    2. Why waste money on a monthly plan that you do not need, just because MVNOs are pushing them to get more of your money? My needs are not dictated by market trends. Are yours? That would be laughable.

      Your Ting stat is 8 months old - end of 2012. Ting was confirmed by Sprint to have 25,000 customers last month.

    3. Exactly, although Ting isn't a true pay as you go as it uses buckets rather than per unit pricing.

      Monthly plans force users to buy more than they need to avoid running out. They can still be a good deal if you use a consistent and fairly large amount of minutes, texts and/or data per month.

      Pay as you go is good for light users particularly if their needs vary from month to month.

      Smart customers track their usage and find an operator and plan that meets your needs with a price and level of service they can live with. For some it's a monthly plan, for others it's pay as you go or a hybrid plan like Ting's.

    4. One reason I prefer a monthly plan is that I don't want to be limited in minutes just when I need them, and it isn't always easy or convenient to buy minutes, especially when traveling. So, I figure having unlimited talk and text is worth the few extra bucks it costs me some months. On most plans I see paygo rates are so high only the most minimal users wouldn't exceed the cost of the lower cost monthly plans. Plus, tracking my usage isn't something I want to be wasting my time on. But, like Dennis says, smart customers find a plan that suits their needs.

    5. Some people are too preoccupied to listen to the balance message before every call (Pageplus); too busy to glance at the phone screen after every call (AirVoice); or send a canned sms short code message ('bal') two or three times during the last 2 weeks of each month to get their balance. They cannot bother to set up auto balance renewals when their balance gets low; too busy doing important stuff (Facebook, twitter). Dialing a 3-digit code to renew a balance is just a waste of precious time. These people will pay extra ($10? $20/month?) for the luxury of NOT feeding paygo. But even these busy (or lazy) people have prepaid options to avoid wasting money on unlimited plans that they may NEVER need:

      1. Ting. They just charge you for the buckets of minutes, sms or data you actually use. After the fact, so there is no running out of anything. A bigger bucket of sms or minutes can cost as little as $2 or $3.
      2. Consumer. Go over your allocation? You can pick a bigger one that saves you money After The Fact, after your service month ends.
      3. PureTalk Flex. Automatically bumps you up in steps to the max you want to spend, and the unused minutes roll over to the next month.
      4. Lyca. Load it up. Balance never expires (use the phone). Can you spare a minute to check your balance every 3 or 4 months? If not, hire a teen personal assistant (with the money you save at 2c/minute or sms).

      Even busy people with more money than time or attention span can save money using paygo and similar plans.

    6. Hey Dennis, this might be worth a Best Deals column:

      "Best Prepaid Deals for Busy, Lazy and Distracted People Who Want To Save Money by Not Buying an Unlimited Plan They Don't Need"

      I propose a #5 for the list -

      5. Kitty Wireless Auto pay on low balance service for Pageplus $80 plan (4c/minute). $74 with Kitty Club discount. With this free service, you can turn off the balance messages (Save Time and Money!).

    7. 6. Kajeet "Parental" Controls let someone (you, spouse, parent, other) set limits on use, time of day use, block time and money-wasting websites and more. You can have two wallets: You (the 'kid' who can't keep track) and 'parent' (spouse, 'responsible' adult) decide who pays what. When you blow through all your minutes, sms, data and money in your wallet, you can still call 'home' (boss, spouse, other lifeline) using the backup wallet funds.

  9. HoFo ID: grateful4adviceSeptember 8, 2013 at 6:07 AM

    I understand keeping your costs down as a new business but it is very strange for a company to have no physical presence anywhere. Ultra claims to have sold 500,000 SIM cards yet no one can call them. A Bing search turned up a large number of job postings. The funny thing is the positions Ultra is trying to fill are technical jobs only a cellular provider who maintained their own physical infrastructure would need. Obviously as an MVNO they are not maintaining anything. It is almost as if they are using the job postings to create the impression they are larger / more stable than they actually are. I looked into their promotion entitled "Ultra University". I never could reach anyone by phone but I eventually received an email that claimed that promotion was only available to "magor universities" (sic). I inquired as to which universities where participating but they never responded to my last email.

    1. What job postings are those? I searched on Bing but couldn't find what you were looking for.

  10. I think a lot of folks might be surprised what small operations many MVNOs are. I've looked up the locations of a few of them, and they often tend to be just a small office in a strip mall on the edge of a city. And, you can't tell anything by the website--personally, I think several of the MVNOs have very professional looking sites, while some of the bigger independents with good reputations, like Kitty Wireless, have very amateurish sites. Airvoice is another with a good reputation and a lousy website.

    1. Kitty is just a Pageplus dealer (the biggest). She likes her website just the way it is. Homegrown, just like the business. Maybe it is part of a service-driven, down-home image strategy. I don't care for the site, but it is hard to argue with her success over the past 3.5 years. Maybe she knows something we don't about effective (vs attractive) website design.

    2. "Maybe she knows something we don't about effective (vs attractive) website design."

      Exactly. Some people are judging a company on what it looks like from the outside, but in reality that doesn't tell you much about how it performs.

  11. Hi All,

    There seems to be a lot of curiosity about our office space. Ultra has two offices. We keep a small office at 37 Greenpoint in Brooklyn where I work on product with a couple of developers. The Red Star is a great place to watch a game, but our office is on the 5th floor. 37 Greenpoint is a great building filled with companies ranging from woodworkers to designers to an MVNO. Our headquarters where most of the company works is in Costa Mesa CA.

    Before we had permanent space, Ultra did work out of two temporary locations for startups: The Yard in Brooklyn and TechSpace in Costa Mesa. This is why some of old contact info lists "drop boxes".

    There are a whole range of MVNOs and MVNO implementations out there. We happen to handle our own customer management, provisioning, care, international routing, billing systems, etc...It takes a good sized technical team to build and manage that system.

    In regards to PAYGO - We had originally planned to offer a classic PAYGO product, but decided not to based on customer feedback. Instead we put out a monthly $19 plan that comes with PAYGO like features including the ability to buy up voice, data, and international services.

    If you are interested in becoming a dealer, I suggest you contact one of our Master Agents (our dealer portal Ultra Agents lists them all) or email agentinfo at ultra.me. Erin Anderson and Adam Goldberg run our indirect sales channel. Both of them have long histories in prepaid and are well known in the industry for their integrity and commitment to dealers.

    Finally everyone who has questioned our location or financial health in this thread has done so as Anonymous. That seems a little ironic, but people who do so typically have allegiances to other MVNOs or operators in same way shape or form. Ultra has done very well since our launch and we are quite happy with our performance to date.

    As we come up on our 1 year anniversary at the end of next month, look for us to keep innovating and providing additional value for our subscribers. Ultra continues to make life better for the 40+ million people in the US who need to stay in touch with family and friends internationally.



    1. Thanks Chris, for your detailed reply to questions about Ultra's business model and physical offices. Users are rightly interested in knowing about the background, structure and goals of the companies they do business with. I appreciate you taking the time to shed a little light on the people and ideas behind Ultra.

  12. Actually, from industry insiders including a Sprint mvno which has NOTHING to do with Ultra, one of the top execs there estimated Ultra's size user base at over 100,000. He himself is top dog at a growing Sprint mvno with 100k users . Spot has been around for a little while longer but Ultra, despite its somewhat pedestrian offerings , seem to be more then holding its own.

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