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Verizon MVNO TalkForGood Makes It Official, They Are Shutting Down

TalkForGood, a Verizon MVNO that launched just 10 months ago has confirmed that they will be ceasing operations  in 30 days. The news comes in the form of an email that TalkForGood sent to their remaining customers today. Here's a copy of that email that a Talk For Good customer posted on HowardForums this morning:

It is time to find a new carrier. TalkForGood is shutting down. PagePlus is a Verizon reseller. You can use your same phone when Porting to them

You will have 30 days to port your phone number to another carrier. Your number will be gone after 30 days.

Act fast: port your number to another carrier today!!!

TalkForGood Team

Visit the online support desk at http://support.talkforgood.com/home for Answers to commonly asked questions.

tel: 888.649.1713 | [email protected] | talkforgood.com
75 S. Main St, White River Junction, VT 05001

The shut down is hardly a surprise. In July, TalkForGood stopped answering their phones and their online account management page where users could view usage and add money to their accounts stopped working.  The only customers who are still left on TalkForGood are those who setup autopay before July 30th and ignored the warnings here and elsewhere to port their number out while they still can.

I'm pleased that Talk For Good seems committed to make this an orderly shut down by notifying users and giving them 30 more days to find another provider and keep their numbers. 30 days from today in Thursday October 17, 2013. But don't risk your number by waiting to the last minute, ports take time.

Talk For Good customers can port to any operator. Most will want to switch to another Verizon MVNO as that will let them use the same phone and get the same coverage. PagePlus and Selectel are a couple of good choices. Page Plus dealers Kitty Wireless  and Genius Wireless as well as Page Plus itself will port your number from Talk for good for free. Ports to Page Plus generally take less than a day with minimal interruption in service.

Genius Wireless is also a Selectel dealer and is doing Talk For Good to Selectel ports at no charge. Because Talk for Good and Selectel both use the Verizon postpaid system there's an extra "tabling" step involved in porting between them. Genius Wireless takes care of the tabling for you but warns that ports to Selectel will take an extra day or two.  Selectel, like TalkForGood, offers no extra charge off network voice roaming. Page Plus charges 29¢ or 20¢ per minute for roaming, depending on plan. 

Regardless of which operator you port to, they may ask you for two pieces of information, your TalkForGood account number and password.

Your TFG account number is your ten digit TFG phone number. 
Your TFG password is the last four digits of your phone number.


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  1. Selectel is actually enjoying a boom of sorts caused by a lot of Page plus users and dealers panicking over the ongoing Tracfone buyout. Because you can use the same phones on both systems, and very similar plans, Selectel is being seen by some as Page plus junior. Are they on shaky ground? Actually, they are booming right now. They are much smaller then Page Plus but if a fraction of PPC users leave for Selectel they'll be more then big enough to survivie.

    1. There is another MVNO that these customers have the option of switching to: iQ Cellular. Check them out, they have great plans that work on almost any device.

  2. This is good news for Selectel Wireless. As they continue to open corporate-owned locations in very rural and smaller population cities (with the exception of a location in Daytona Beach, FL), this former PagePlus master dealer can move forward with it's business model as a stand-alone Verizon MVNO, already having met the 5000 minimum active and in use subscriber lines threshold as required by Verizon Wireless.

    While American Movil and it's Tracfone Wireless subsidiary wait for a decision from the Justice Department regarding the acquisition of PagePlus (the acquisition is not final...yet), Selectel Wireless is moving forward and establishing dealer relationships with many of the current PagePlus dealers, in addition to new dealers who have never sold PagePlus.

    The earlier comment by another poster that Selectel Wireless is on "shaky ground" may or not be true. Selectel Wireless and it's parent, Selectel is a privately-owned company. What may appear and look "good" one day, may be not be so the next day. Case in point, the abrupt shutdown by Verizon MVNO TalkForGood.

    If you are unsure whether or not to sign-up with Selectel Wireless, conduct your own due diligence. Selectel Wireless operates their own store locations. You could call the stores and see if they remain in business. Inquire with the local Chamber of Commerce and inquire if they know if the Selectel store in that city continues in business. Inquire with Selectel dealers and ask them if Selectel is timely and responsive when the dealer themselves has a question, requires a port or activation...are the requests being handled timely?

    Also, check Google news in the city where Selectel oeprates a store and check for any stories/bylines about closings, shutdown, moves, etc.

    I use sources outisde of Prepaid Phone News for information that I can't always link to because often it is subscription-based, However, those sources provide me with relevant information about a company and their buisiness. Let's face it, even some of those firms that gather business intelligence get it wrong.

    With that being said, my information today stands that Selectel Wireless is a viable and growing Verizon MVNO. Is Selectel Wireless for everyone? No. For those looking for value, a larger roaming footprint than other Verizon MVNO's and reasonable pricing, Selectel may be your option. Yes, Selectel Wireless needs to quickly update their website, especially the security features for over-the-web transactions, and improve upon the handset options.

    Once the Page Plus acquisition by American Movil, Tracfone Wireless and Carlos Slim is approved by the Justice Department and the F.C.C., Page Plus in essence becomes a foreign-owned company.

    Selectel Wireless on the other hand is an American-owned company, using the American-operated and soon to be entirely American-owned Verizon Wireless network.


  3. What makes Selectel better than Next G as a Verizon MVNO?

  4. Selectel is still in business - Next G is not

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