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99¢ T-Mobile Prepaid SIMs Are Back

T-Mobile is having another of their 99¢ SIM sales. Now through Oct. 21 all  Prepaid SIM Activation Kits are on sale for 99¢ each. All sizes are available; mini (aka regular), micro and nano.

The SIM Activation kits contain a SIM and an activation code and can be used to activate a phone on any T-Mobile prepaid plan.

T-Mobile normally charges $10 for SIMs and activation kits.

Even if you don't need a SIM right now it's good to have a spare handy as SIMs do go south sometimes. An active or inactive T-Mobile SIM can also be used to get the data settings menu to appear when setting up an iPhone on AT&T MVNOs.

The sale is good through Monday Oct 21, while supplies last. To get the 99¢ price use the code OCTSIM at checkout.

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  1. I've added all three sizes of SIM cards to my cart, and all three SIM card sizes sizes price at $10.00 each.

    Could it be the sale was a mistake, or T-Mobile ran out of the quantities allocated for the SIM card sale?


    1. You need to use the code OCTSIM to get the 99¢ deal. That detail which wasn't mentioned in the post until just now :)

  2. Great price as Amazon cost more.

  3. Thank you, it's working now. I see you can only place two items in the cart. Three or more items (SIM cards) are not permitted.

    All in all, a GREAT deal!


  4. Why do people hoard sim cars?

  5. All it takes is a little imagination:

    1 day of unlimited tnt plus data for $.99
    need small sim for iphone5 or nokia 521
    help a friend switch to prepaid
    porting back from crappy mvno
    replacing number with ported number
    miss free roaming on at&t
    got hacked by News Corp
    lost the sim for mobile broadband device
    don't want to wait/drive to store when phone lost or stolen
    accidentally let backup phone line on gold plan expire
    use the 5GB plan every 6 months, vs. 5 to keep it alive
    make the spooks work a little harder for Halloween
    going into the witness protection program
    need spare line for roaming in Canada

    That should get you started.

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