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Deal: FreedomPop 4G iPod Sleeve and Hotspot $29.99 with Free Shipping

Deals site 1Sale has the refurbished FreedomPop 4G iPod Sleeve on sale for $29.99 with free shipping today only. FreedomPop sells the brand-new sleeve for $99 plus $6.99 shipping.

Update: 10/16: the deal has been extended indefinitely, while supplies last.

The sleeve is a rather quirky gadget gives your 4th generation iPod Internet access anywhere there's Sprint (formerly Clearwire) WiMAX service.

The sleeve is essentially a mobile WiFi hotspot so nearby devices like your laptop can also get online. Best of all, FreedomPop gives you 500 MB of data per month for free. To get the free data you do need to give FreedomPop your credit or debit card number and if you go over 500 MB they will charge you overage at the rate of $2 for 100 MB.

Before you order the sleeve, be sure to check the coverage map at freedompop.com/retail/coverage as WiMAX coverage is quite limited.

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  1. Do you know when they are coming out with a 4G LTE version?

    1. No idea really, but I suspect there won't be LTE iPod sleeve.

    2. I just tried to see if I could get the sleep.. and its not offered.. how do I get it ?

  2. Yawn... no thanks I will just use my cell instead. But thanks anyway for keeping us all informed of other options.

  3. It's thick and bulky, does not feel comfortable to hold. Not attractive. Does not charge the iPod like their iPhone sleeve was supposed to do (the one they have cancelled without releasing). Returning it cost me $7 shipping X 2 ways, plus at least a $9 restocking charge, or $23.

    1. You spent $23 just to try it out, I just bought one for $30, and I will get to keep it and use 500mb /mo For no additional charges. There was no tax or shipping btw...great deal!

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