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Free T-Mobile Prepaid SIMs With Free Shipping Today

At the moment T-Mobile Prepaid SIMs are free with free shipping on the T-Mobile Website.

Mini (aka regular), micro and nano SIMs are all available. I don't know how long this deal is good for but the last time T-Mobile SIMs were free it was only for a few hours.

Update 11/5: the free SIM deal has ended. SIMs are $10 again.

The SIM Activation kits contain a SIM and an activation code and can be used to activate a phone on any T-Mobile prepaid plan.

T-Mobile normally charges $10 for SIMs and activation kits.

Even before they went free today, SIMs were on sale for 99¢ until Nov. 4. So if you miss the free event T-Mobile still has a deal for you.

Even if you don't need a SIM right now it's good to have a spare handy as SIMs do go south sometimes. An active or inactive T-Mobile SIM can also be used to get the data settings menu to appear when setting up an iPhone on AT&T MVNOs.

Hat tip to HowardForums user zeppelin73 for discovering and sharing this deal.

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  1. They still need CC info before shipping, even tho its free, I wonder why???

    1. Tmobile probably wants to confirm the identity of people who buy the cards. They used to limit the number you could order in a given time period. Or, anti-terrorism maybe. Track the SIMs.

    2. why else...to track the people that buy and/or that are using the sims. Mostly done to satisfy some gov't regulation.

  2. Ill use my jingit debit card. The card has pennies attached to it.

  3. I definitely jumped all over this deal! I might consider taking my MetroPCS Galaxy S4 to T-Mobile down the line.

  4. Since when was this country interested in actual terrorists?!

  5. For whatever reason the checkout page pre-fills the city and zipcode fields with places I've never been to or used in a web form before. Odd.

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