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AT&T MVNO Pure TalkUSA Adds Roll Over Data and MMS to its Flex Plan

AT&T MVNO Pure TalkUSA is now offering 150MB of data and 200 MMS (Multi-Media Messages) for $9.95 per month as an option to customers enrolled in the company’s pay as you go Flex plan. Any data and MMS that is unused at the end of each month will roll over to the next month and never expires.

Flex Plan pricing starts at $10/month for 130 voice minutes, which is equivalent to 7.7¢/minute. Texts are 3.3¢ each which is deducted from the available minute balance. Unused balances roll over.  The Flex plan has multiple tiers and automatically adjusts to the next level if  you run out of minutes. Users can set a maximum monthly dollar amount to limit charges. There are five Flex tiers:

Monthly Cost Minutes Cost / Minute
$10 130 7.7¢
$20 330 6.1¢
$30 660 
$40 1030 3.9¢
$50 1430 3.5¢

The higher tiers don't make much sense for individual use on a regular basis. Anyone consistently needing more than 660 minutes per month would be better off with one of Pure TalkUSA's monthly unlimited plans:
  • $34.95/month for unlimited talk and text, 100 MB of data and 400 MMS. 
  • $43.95/month for unlimited talk and text, 1 GB of data and 600 MMS. 

The $40 and $50 Flex Plan tiers are useful has part of the Pure TalkUSA Family Flex Plan which lets multiple users share a Flex Plan's minutes and texts. Additional lines are $5/month which also includes an 60 minutes per line, per month.  The data and MMS add-on can be used with a phone on the Family Flex Plan but data is added per line and cannot be shared with other phones on the Flex Plan.

In addition the the Flex Plan add-on, Pure TalkUSA also announced that they will introduce two new light usage voice only plans next week:
  • Simple 50, a voice only plan that offers 50 minutes of calling time for $5 a month
  • Simple 750,  which offers 750 minutes of calling time for $21.95 a month
Data and MMS are welcome additions to PureTalkUSA's Flex Plans. The pricing is very competitive for anyone who needs at least 150 MB and 200 MMS per month. However, I would have preferred traditional per use (5¢/MB, 10¢/MMS for example) pricing as it doesn't force light users to buy more than they need. To see how Pure Talk's Flex Plan compares with other AT&T based pay as you go options see, AT&T and AT&T MVNOs Compared.

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  1. The Simple 50 voice-only plan is not as good as their Pure Unlimited $5/month plan.
    That one gives an extra 10 minutes per month, and you can also text at the rate of 3 per minute.

    1. "and you can also text at the rate of 3 per minute."

      Not sure what this means. " text at the rate of 3 per minute" = maximum texting frequency allowed??

      I figure that as more than 100,000 texts allowed per month (3 times 60 times 24 times 30). I might, just might, be able to live within such limits.

    2. hahaha - good one! Here is a hint for you, from the other post:

      "$5.00 per month 60 Anytime Minutes, texts count as a third of a minute"

  2. Dennis, I searched but did not see LTE option or tethering?

    1. Pure TalkUSA doesn't offer LTE currently. Their terms of service do not appear to explicitly prohibit tethering.

    2. PureTalk uses the AT&T network...if your phone supports LTE and it's available in your area, you'll get that connection speed...I'm speaking from experience.

  3. Does anyone know of an AT&T MVNOO that offers 2.5 gb data for under $40 a month... or even $45? Looking for something even close to the Virgin deal, but on a real network instead. I keep checking these AT&T MVNO deals for something even close, but no luck so far unless I am missing something. Not even PureTalk.

    1. Straight Talk for $45 (if you ignore the taxes they add).

    2. You can also use Aio Basic $40, or AT&T GoPhone for unlimited data if you do not have to use a smartphone. Something like a Nokia Asha 3G phone would work.

    3. Walmart Family Mobile via Tmobile has free roaming on ATT and some regional carriers. For $39.88 plus tax you can have your 2.5GB, and then unlimited 2G. On a smartphone.

  4. I was just about to sign up for the Walmart one that until I found out that T Mobile has no presence at all, even less of an option than a Sprint MVNO. I even talked to someone at Walmart (staff) they told me, no way. A shame, it sounds so good. Walmart should partner with a major carrier national carrier as ubiquitous as its stores are.

    I have looked into the others... exstensively. AIO blocks smart phones, so I can't use that one. Straight Talk has an arbitrary policy to cut people people's account off for using the data they paid for: entirely arbitrary and based on the feelings of Straight Talk staff and not any clear cut TOS or stated policy. I know this because I read it in many web forums. I could not believe it was that bad, so I called Straight Talk's 800 number. The person I talked to there confirmed that their policy on data termination is arbitrary and capricious. They could not give me a straight answer at all.

    Looks like I will be with Virgin for a while, forever cursing Sprint the "too lazy to build enough towers" network.

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