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Pure TalkUSA Adds Data and MMS to $34.95 Plan

Today AT&T MVNO Pure TalkUSA added 100 MB of data and 400 MMS to their $34.95/month Unlimited Talk and Text Plan. That plan also includes unlimited voice minutes and text messages but up to now did not come with any data or MMS.

There are no changes to Pure Talk's other plans with include an unlimited talk and text plan with 1 GB of data and 600 MMS for $43.99 per month and a $10 per month and up pay as you go "Flex" plan that includes 130 minutes with no data and texts counting as 1/3 of a minute each.

In other Pure Talk news, a reader discovered a new Web site for a new service called Pure Unlimited that appears to be part of Pure TalkUSA.  Update: Pure Unlimited is not new, it actually predates Pure TalkUSA.

Unlike Pure TalkUSA, which is available only from the Pure Talk Website with payment by credit or debit card, Pure Unlimited is available through dealers and uuses top-up cards. Pure Unlimited's plans are:

  • $29.95 1-month Unlimited Talk & Text
  • $19.95 2-week Unlimited Talk & Text
  • $12.95 1-week Unlimited Talk & Text
  • $7.95 3-day Unlimited Talk & Text
  • $4.95 1-day Unlimited Talk & Text
  • $10.00 per month 130 Anytime Minutes, texts count as a third of a minute
  • $5.00 per month 60 Anytime Minutes, texts count as a third of a minute
None of Pure Unlimited's plans include data which limits their appeal.

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  1. Pure Unlimited has been around for a couple of years. They will not pick up any dealer presence because of their complete lack of data and prices costing more and offering less then their own Pure Talk sister brand. They are doing this so that they won't compete but it is a mistake. They should offer Puretalk only though their website and Pure Unlimited through dealer shops. With no data, a prepaid mvno carrier basically has no chance in this day and age and most definitely won't get any dealer support. When other Att mvnos with dealer programs are increasing data left and right and you're limited to talk/text only? Not even mms? Sorry, no go. This isn't 2009. This is 2013. The market has changed.

  2. The $5/month 60 minute plan is the lowest cost deal on AT&T network for very light use, up to 119 min/month. After 120 min/month, the AirVoice $10/mo. plan is best.
    The AirVoice $10/90 days paygo plan would cost $7/month for 60 minutes, or minimum $3.33 for only 23 minutes.

  3. Is the 1Gb data 3g or LTE?

  4. No data at Page Unlimited? Sounds quite limited for me. Sounds like I'd save a lot of money, and not lose any functionality by carving a bar of soap in the shape of a phone and using that instead.

  5. PureTalk just announced a data and MMS rollover plan that works with Flex. $9.95 for 150MB and 400 MMS. Carries over if you do not use it up. This really makes Flex more usable and should help them grow customers with light use needs.

    1. Correction: 200 MMS, not 400 MMS are included for $9.95/month. This data and MMS can be shared between 2 Family Flex Plan lines, apparently.

    2. Correction 2: Fine print says data is added per line on Family Flex, and cannot be shared.

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