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RingPlus Unlimited Plan Promotion Ending This Evening

Sprint MVNO RingPlus' unlimited plan promotion, which gives users unlimited voice minutes for as little as $12.99 per month plus taxes will close "this evening" based on current enrollment rates according to a Tweet and a Facebook post by the company.

The unlimited plan promotion, which launched yesterday, is limited to an unspecified number of signups. There are three plans, all of which include a limited international call credit. The plans are:
  • BYOSD-Richard: $12.99 + taxes, Unlimited Voice, 50 SMS US & International, 10 MB Data, 50 Free International Minutes to China, India or Israel
  • BYOSD-Lina: $14.99 + taxes, Unlimited Voice, Unlimited SMS US & International, 50 MB Data, 150 Free International Minutes to China, India or Israel
  • BYOSD-Noelani: $17.99 + taxes, Unlimited Voice, Unlimited SMS US & International, 300 MB Data, 250 Free International Minutes to China, India or Israel
Additional data is 2¢/MB on all three plans. Additional texts on the two plans that don't include unlimited texting are 2¢ each.

Although the promotions are ending, anyone who signs up for the promotional plans will be able to keep them indefinitely. If you are looking for an inexpensive calling and texting plan and Sprint coverage works for you I recommend jumping on this deal ASAP.

RingPlus doesn't currently sell phones. Users must supply their own Sprint phone. RingPlus can activate clean ESN Sprint phones with the exception of iPhones, BlackBerrys and Palm OS devices.


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  1. Signed up multiple accounts on ringplus yesterday. No email. No instructions on web site on how to activate and use your phone.
    Called support today. Was told that my Virgin device won't activate, even if their MEID check page on their site said ALL CLEAR.
    She said they've been getting tons of calls from Boost, Virgin, Cricket, Ting customers who are upset that they have ported to ringplus and now are stuck with no carrier.
    Spoke to CEO Karl, and he essentially said, "if you're not smart enough to understand the MEID check, and that all other MVNOs would be banned on our network, you do not deserve any refund?!
    Wow. No wonder ringplus has been in litigation for 4+ years, with no market presence until now.
    They just want a ton of signups, so they can announce to the world, how many they have, and not mention that most of those, are not activated and are still being charged $12.99 a month for a dead service.
    Time to call my credit card and dispute the charges. Thank god.
    So disappointing.

    1. I don't think Sprint allows any of its MVNO's to use Virgin or Boost phones.

      I have RingPlus, and have not had any problems with them. They really should say right there on the order page what phones you can not bring.

    2. Why would anyone think they could use Virgin, Boost, or any other carrier besides Sprint? I tend to agree that it's not RingPlus problem if people can't figure this out.

    3. I just ran the MEID from an inactive Virgin Mobile phone through the RingPlus ESN checker and here is how their system responded:
      "Unfortunately, your device has active contract on another network or is not a valid Sprint device. If you're currently under contract with another company, simply ask them to release this device. Feel free to contact RingPlus Support for more help."

  2. hofo ID Grateful4adviceOctober 24, 2013 at 10:37 PM

    Most cellular customers don't visit sites like this one and would have no way of knowing Boost, Virgin etc phones won't work. Insulting your less tech savvy customers is uncalled for and no way to run a business.

    1. You don't need to visit sites like this. RingPlus site says "Do you have a current out-of-contract Sprint device that you want to bring to RingPlus? Use our BYOSD Check Tool". It's not rocket science! Geesh!

  3. The savings with these plans will more than pay for a new phone if you have Boost or other non Sprint phone.

  4. A Virgin smartphone will cost $35+taxes on a Virgin plan. A Virgin dumbphone can be replaced for $10-50. That seems like a good investment to get unlimited talk, 50sms, 50 international minutes and 10mb data for only $12.99/month.

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