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Sprint MVNO Ting Now Acivating BYOSP iPhones

Ting is now activating Sprint iPhones under its Bring Your Own Sprint Phone (BYOSP) program. Users have reported receiving this email from Ting; 

You recently told us that you might be interested in using an iPhone on Ting. 

We appreciate your interest and your patience and we are thrilled to share that we have launched a private beta program to start quietly letting select customers bring inactive Sprint iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S devices to Ting. 

We want to emphasize that this is a beta program. We are only reaching out to a handful of customers so we can monitor the experience carefully. 

Please don't tell or invite others to the beta until we publicly launch the program.

If you need to, you can buy an inactive Sprint device from our partner Glyde, or, alternatively, Swappa, eBay or the marketplace of your choice.

Please note any device you attempt to activate must be inactive and must not be reported as lost or stolen. Learn how to locate the Mobile Equipment Identifier (MEID) for your device here. You will be asked to enter it at the first step of the Bring your Device to Ting process.

Please note that at this time, MMS messaging may not work under certain circumstances. We expect that this limitation will be resolved in the next week or two.

We have additional documentation on bringing and activating your iPhone here. Of course, if we can help at all, please feel free to contact us at [email protected] or 1-855-846-4389.

Thank you!

Although the email describes iPhone activations as a limited Beta, I found two articles in Ting's public Help Center Knowledge Base that seem to indicate that anyone can now activate a clean ESN Sprint iPhone 4 or 4S. So, if you have an iPhone you want to use on Ting, give it a try and let us know if it works.

iPhone FAQ

Completing Your iPhone Activation

The Help Center articles detail the steps for activating and setting up an  an iPhone on Ting. They also clarify that MMS currently does not work between iPhones on Ting and non-Apple devices but that will be fixed soon.

I'm hoping that Ting activating iPhones means that Sprint is finally relaxing it's complex and overly restrictive prepaid and MVNO BYOP policies and that other MVNOs  will soon be able to activate any Sprint phone.

Prepaid Operator Profile: Ting

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  1. no iPhone5+, errrrrr.

    1. >> no iPhone5+, errrrrr. <<

      The release of the iPhone 5 is probably why Sprint is letting Ting activate iPhone 4 and 4S.

  2. Byosd was a giant leap for Sprint. This is another barrier starting to break. Seriously, the lack of the iphone (nobody really cares about Ptt/Palm/Blackberry devices ) has been Byosd's real bottleneck. Word is out that they are going to be making it take about a year for new release Android And Win phones to make it to Byosd side too but that remains to be confirmed. No iphone 5 and up yet, but that's life.

  3. All but 2 Sprint iPhones disappeared from Mobile Karma store over the last few days. They were priced lower than other carrier iPhones.

  4. There are a lot of Sprint 4S 16gb on Swappa for $210 in good condition.

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