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Target Reported to be Launching Brightspot Prepaid MVNO Oct. 6

According to photos posted on Twitter by the well know leaker of new mobile things @evleaks, Target Stores will be launching a prepaid MVNO this Sunday, Oct. 6. It will be called Brightspot and will use the T-Mobile network.

Brightspot will offer three plans:

  • $35/month unlimited talk and messaging, no data
  • $50/month unlimited talk and messaging, unlimited 4G data throttled to 2G speeds after 1 GB
  • $65/month unlimited talk and messaging, unlimited 4G data throttled to 2G speeds after 4 GB

There are a couple of add-ons:

  • $5/month: unlimited international texting
  • $10/month: unlimited international calling

Customers can get 5% off plan prices by paying with Target's Red Card store credit card. There's also a loyalty incentive, Brightspot customers will get a free $25 Target for every six months they stay with the service.

Other details like what countries are included in the international options and whether there will be any roaming are unknown at this point.

With plan prices that are no better than competing T-Mobile MVNOs, Target may be attempting to differentiate its offer with relatively high end phones and LTE. @evleaks's photo shows a Samsung Galaxy S III and Android Police says other handsets will include the LG Optimus F3 and LG Optimus F6. SIM kits containing a standard SIM and a micro SIM will also be available. There's no word yet on phone and SIM pricing

Droid Life is reporting that LTE will be available, which seems plausible as all three phones mentioned are LTE capable. If LTE is included, Brightspot would be the first T-Mobile MVNO to offer it. Update: users report that LTE does not work on Brightspot.

Although the plan prices are nothing special, Target's massive network of stores could make Brightspot a success, particularly if phone prices are substantially discounted.

Sources and images: @evleaks, Droid Life, Android Police


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  1. MetroPCS has unlimited 4G data at a price point of 60.00 per month. While competitive with Straight Talk at the price point of 45.00 - 50.00, I'd sooner pay only 120.00 more per year and have more data.

  2. Even T-Mobile has the better deal at the higher price point. No doubt that this will appeal to some folks but careful shopping yields better pricing.

  3. I like the idea. One of the huge advantages of ST, for many people, is the ability to go into any WM store and purchase a phone, refills, and possibly get help. I suspect Target will be better at providing CS. I have always found their general CS to be exceptional.

  4. What I realized is that people that shop mostly at Target shop mostly at Target and less at Wal-mart. Also, people that shop mostly at Wal-mart shop mostly at Wal-mart and less at Target. So my point is each shopper at each store are loyal to that brand. So Wal-mart has Straight Talk of course but they have their Family Mobile brand that uses solely T-mobile's network.
    Now Target has Brightspot which solely uses T-mobile's network. Good move by T-mobile to use Wal-mart and now Target exclusively to gain some loyalist customers of these brands to gain more MVNO customer acquisitions on their network.

  5. Its good to wake up everyday and find another 2-3 MVNO's open shop like in the roaring 90's, however, I wonder how many will survive in a year or two.

  6. Unrelated, but a month or so ago I was in our local Target's phone section and one of the employees was helping someone get his iPhone service sorted out. The employee sounded quite knowledgeable, which is rare at WM.

    1. If it was a black-shirt employee, they work for a contractor using the name "Target Mobile", meaning wireless phones is all they do. If it was a "red shirt", I say good on them for going above and beyond..

  7. I want to see the details on roaming (like WFM provides) and taxes and fees (like WFM charges). Target charges 6% sales tax and .50 e911 fee on each prepaid refill in my state. This wipes out the discount and much of the reward.

  8. Target shoppers always feel they are above Walmart shoppers so they may be willing to pay more for less upfront in return for other rewards . Most WM types tend to only think of the price . Target shoppers think a little more of value. But with other generic Tmobile mvnos offering better deals (Ultra, Ptel), this may be a hard sale.

  9. Ultra and Ptel do not give you voice and sms roaming at any price.
    This is a big deal on the small Tmobile network. People will extra pay for this.

  10. Another difference for Target vs. Walmart is that Target re-thunk it's retail wireless strategy.

    For many years, Target managed the sales process for both wireless post paid and prepaid service plans and the associated wireless devices.

    In 2010, Target entered into a contract/relationship with Radio Shack. Radio Shack was tasked with the sale of post paid wireless plans and associated wireless devices. Radio Shack complained that they were losing money on the deal, and they could not work better/changed terms with Target, and the agreement lapsed (amicably) in April 2013.

    Beginning in April 2013, Target contracted with two companies, Brightstar and MarketSource. Brightstar handles the inventory and provisioning of the contracts, while MarketSource provides the bodies needed to staff Target Mobile.

    I have noticed a markedly improved level of customer service at Target Mobile. Case in point, prepaid sales. Prior to April 2013, the Radio Shack staff at Target Mobile could not assist with any of the prepaid products, they referred you to a "red shirt" team member.

    Now that Target has contracted with MarketSource, if you need assistance with the prepaid products, refill cards, cell phone accessories, MarketSource team members can and do provide customer assistance for Target's full retail offering of wireless procducts (post paid, prepaid and accessories).


  11. An earlier poster mentioned the differences/reality between Target and Walmart. Through the years, I have leaned toward Target (grew up with Target and what was their then owner Dayton's in Minneapolis), but it's hard to beat Walmart's fairly comprehensive price matching policy where you no longer even have to bring the ad. Recently, I was at a local Walmart location, and asked one of the clerks at the wireless counter about a marked down Net 10 device and wanted to know which CDMA network it would run on. The box itself was marked as "CDMA", not CDMA-S, or CDMA-V. I was not able to readily look it up myself in the store.

    I was dumbfounded when the clerk said "Well, for Net 10, they only use the "old" Cingular towers, because the phone converts from CDMA to run on their older towers and not the newer AT&T towers." I asked to repeat what she just said, and she basically said the same thing. I then politely informed her that it is impossible for a CDMA device to run on Cingular which is GSM and requires a SIM card. She replied "I've been selling wirleless phones at this Walmart for 7 years, and I know Cingular is CDMA". I eventually learned that the device was for use on Sprint. What a dumbell.

    Walmart is successful in selling wireless phones and plans, but with clerks like the one I encountered, I'm glad Target offers another option.

    Luckily in the city where I live, we have plenty of retailers to choose from for wireless service and devices, ranging from authorized dealers of the big boys, the big boys themselves with their corporate owned and operated stores, even Apple has a store tucked away in the mall.

    Going back to the Target and Walmart comparison, Target has basically outsourced the wireless sales function and the post paid inventory, while Walmart chooses to retain/manage the wireless sales process in house.


  12. Even though Target contracts with Brightstar, and the Brighspot name is very similar to Brightstar, the Brightspot brand itself was trademarked by Target in May 2013 for use with the following goods and services:

    Wireless telecommunications devices, namely, wireless telephones, smartphones, cellular phones, handheld computers, tablet computers, and accessories thereof, namely, smart cards, memory cards, carrying cases for wireless telephones, smartphones, cellular phones, handheld computers, tablet computers, gel skins in the nature of rubber coverings for protecting wireless telephones, smartphones, cellular phones, handheld computers, tablet computers, protective transparent display coverings, namely, plastic transparent films for displays on wireless telephones, smartphones, cellular phones, handheld computers, and tablet computers, audio cables, USB cables, high definition multimedia interface adapters and cables, wired and wireless hands-free microphone and earphone adapters, speakers, stereo headphones, earbuds, ear bud covers, batteries, battery chargers, power adaptors, belt clip holsters for carrying wireless telephones, smartphones, cellular phones, handheld computers, and tablet computers, docking stations for recharging of wireless telephones, smartphones, cellular phones, handheld computers, and tablet computers, in-vehicle holders for holding and charging wireless telephones, smartphones, cellular phones, handheld computers, and tablet computers; electronically encoded prepaid wireless services calling cards; magnetically encoded prepaid wireless services calling cards

    What this tells me is that not only has Target created a new private label for wireless service, they can at some point choose to extend the Brightspot private label for other wireless and associated devices such as tablets and USB cards.

    Why the orange color for Brightspot, when Target is red? Is Target afraid they would confuse their customers with Verizon, especially since Target "red" has been around since 1962, well before Verizon "red" appeared in 2000?

    Target should be calling it "Bullseye" wireless, use the color red, and the dog as a trademark.


  13. Fierce Wireless reported that LTE will be available on BrightSpot.

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