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TextNow Announces $199.99 Prepaid Samsung Galaxy S III and $18.99/Month LTE Service

TextNow, which launched in August as the first all-IP mobile operator, announced today that they are now offering LTE service. To go with LTE, TextNow is selling the LTE-enabled refurbished Samsung Galaxy S III for a surprisingly low $199.99.

With TextNow, all calls are made using Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) over WiFi or LTE. Texts also sent and received as IP data rather than via the usual cellular signaling channels. As with its initial WiMAX based offering, TextNow is using the Sprint network.

There's no extra charge for LTE. The plans are the same for LTE devices as they are for TextNow's original WiMAX based service:
  • $18.99 for 500 MB of data, unlimited texts, unlimited incoming and 750 outgoing minutes
  • $26.99 for 1 GB of data, unlimited texts, unlimited incoming and 1250 outgoing minutes
  • $39.99 for 2 GB of data, unlimited texts, unlimited incoming and 2000 outgoing minutes
There's no charge for calls made using WiFi. Call forwarding, caller ID and visual voicemail are included at no extra charge. Unused minutes roll over, data does not.

To order the Galaxy S III visit www.textnow.com/wireless. Shipping is $9 and you must pay for the first month of service when ordering a phone. Plan payment is by auto-pay using credit or debit cards only.

TextNow is a lot like FreedomPop, which launched their own all-IP phone service earlier this week. FreedomPop's plans are less expensive, there's even a free plan with 500 MB, 500 texts and 200 minutes. But FreedomPop uses Sprint's older WiMAX network rather than LTE. FreedomPop says they will be offering LTE soon but TextNow has beaten them to the punch again just as they did when they launched WiMax based service.

TextNow Launches VOIP Based Prepaid Mobile Phone Service
FreedomPop Launches First Phone For Free 500MB, 200 Minutes, 500 Texts Plan


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  1. FreedomPop is slow or late at everything they do. CS takes 3-4 days to assign a rep, asks for information already in your request, then takes another day to start work. Slow to process returns, then charges fees they did not quantify in the ToS. Slow to refund billing system mistakes. They promised trade-in credit for the new LTE device last year, and still do not offer this. The iPhone 4 sleeve has apparently been cancelled. That company executes poorly. I hope TextNow does a better job of executing their business plan.

  2. Can anybody report on the quality of calls? Yesterday I was on Skype with someone, and it reminded me of how good and bad VOIP can be--great one minute, lousy the next.

  3. A text message uses 140 bytes; it amounts to almost nothing in terms of data usage, as there are 7.67 million text/per gigabyte. (1,024 × 1,024 × 1,024 / 140 = . 7,600,000) So, do they actually measure usage down to the byte or do they round up for each message, to some arbitrary minimum amount per each 'data transmission' (read: text).

    1. Did not know that SMS used that little amount of data.

      Does anyone know how much data VOIP uses per minute ?

    2. With a good codec, VOIP calls use about 0.5 MB per minute.

  4. me would personally choose textnow over freedompop.
    sorry, but freedompop is such a sucky brandname and
    the freedompop amateur-sounding brandname makes
    me think freedompop will die and ultimately go away.

    have used textnow app and happy playing with that.
    assuming the phone should be okay even if on sprint.

    looking at the textnow phone page: http://www.textnow.com/phone
    Samsung Galaxy SIII - $199.99
    Samsung Galaxy SII - $119.99
    Nexus S - $89.99

    very competitive and much more attractive line up of phones.

  5. Tall, Grande and Venti are the plan names to choose from? I think Starbucks might have something to say about that.

  6. hey Dennis what do you think of this new style cellphones service? also whats your thoughts on freedompop and textnow?

    1. TextNow and FreedomPop are basically offering data only service at a good price.

      They've added VOIP software to their phones that lets you make and receive calls if and when you have a good, fast WiFi or 4G connection.

      Either is a good deal for people who primarily use data and SMS messaging and have good Sprint coverage.. I would not recommend TextNow or FreedomPop if you need reliable voice service.

  7. I think people should check out republic wireless. It gives you more for your money and the quality, based on my experience, has been good. They are also going to offer the Motorola X in November for $299.00, which is a great price for the phone without a contract. They will be offering two new less expensive phones soon also. :-)

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