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Updated 2013 Cyber Week Online Deal Tracker

Cyber Week is winding down but there are still some good deals.

Here are the best current deals on prepaid phones that I've found, listed alphabetically by store name. This list will be updated as deals sell out and new items go online so check back here often.

Some of the best current deals include the:
  • AT&T Nokia Lumia 520 Windows Phone $69.99 (reg $99.99) at Amazon 
  • AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note 4Gicon LTE unlocked Android phone $299.99 (reg $399.99) 12/6 only
  • Boost Mobile LG Optimus F7 4G LTE Android Phone $199.99 (reg $299.99) at BestBuy
  • T-Mobile Nokia Lumia 521icon Windows Phone $69.99 (reg $99.99) 12/6 only
  • Virgin Mobile Kyocera Event Android phone $29.99 (reg $59.99) at Kmart
  • Virgin Mobile LG F3 LTE Android phone $89.99 (reg $179.99) at BestBuy
All current deals:

Aio Wireless Cyber Week Sale Online now

ZTE Prelude Android phone free with new activation on a $55 or $70 Smartphone Plan

Amazon Online now.   Cyber Monday Deals Week ends midnight Saturday.

Although Amazon would like you to believe that the whole week is one big sale it really isn't. As is their style, Amazon will micromanage the sale, selectively raising and lowering prices throughout the day every day rather than putting a bunch of items on sale for the duration of the event.  I will try to keep this list updated with the best deals but always miss a few so it's a good idea to frequently refresh Amazon's page listing prepaid phones that 50% or more off.

Free shipping on orders $35 and up

Current Amazon deals include:

AT&T Nokia Lumia 520 Windows Phone $69.99 (reg $99.99)

AT&T Samsung Galaxy Express LTE Android phone $230.00 (reg $249.99)

Boost Mobile Kyocera Hydro Edge waterproof Android phone $69.99 (reg $149.99)

Boost Mobile Samsung Galaxy Prevail II Android phone $139.99 (reg $179.99)

Boost Mobile HTC One SV 4G LTE Android phone $179.99 (reg $279.99)

Boost Mobile Samsung Galaxy S III LTE Android phone $289.99 (reg $399.99)

Net10 Samsung Galaxy Centura (Verizon) Android phone $49.99 (reg $99.99)

Net10 Huawei W1 (AT&T) Windows Phone 8 $174.99 with (reg $229.99)

Tracfone Samsung S390G QWERTY candy bar with WiFi and Triple Minutes for Life $19.99 (reg $49.99)

Tracfone LG 840G triple minutes 3G WiFi touchscreen $27.99 (reg $59.99)

Virgin Mobile ZTE Reef waterproof Android phone $79.99 (reg $149.99)

Virgin Mobile Samsung Galaxy Victory LTE Android phone $174.99 (reg $249.99)

BestBuy Online now  ends midnight Saturday. Most deals are also available in Best Buy stores.
Free shipping on orders $25 and up.

AT&T Nokia Lumia 520 Windows Phone $69.99 (reg $99.99)

AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note 4Gicon LTE unlocked Android phone $299.99 (reg $399.99) 12/6 only

Boost Mobile Sanyo Innuendoicon QWERTY clamshell $29.99 (reg $59.99)

Boost Mobile LG Optimus F7 4G LTE Android Phone $199.99 (reg $299.99)

MetroPCS GSM LG Optimus F3 LTE Android phone $129.99 (reg $149.99)

T-Mobile Alcatel Sparq IIicon QWERTY slider $24.99 (reg $49.99)

T-Mobile Alcatel One Touch Evolve Android phone $49.99 (reg $89.99)

T-Mobile Nokia Lumia 521icon Windows Phone $69.99 (reg $99.99) 12/6 only

Verizon Samsung Illusionicon Android phone $59.99 (reg $99.99) 12/6 only

Virgin Mobile LG F3 LTE Android phone $89.99 (reg $179.99)

Boost Mobile Cyber Week Deals 

Samsung Galaxy Prevail 2 Android phone $129.99 (reg $179.99)

LG Optimus F7 LTE Android phone $249.99 (reg $299.99)

CowBoom - (part of BestBuy) Used phones with warranty. Online now 

$5 off $50 Use Code COWBOOM5 - New Customers Only, Excludes Deal of the Day

$10 off $150 Use Code COWBOOM10 - New Customers Only, Excludes Deal of the Day

$20 off $300 Use Code COWBOOM20 - New Customers Only, Excludes Deal of the Day

Cricket Online now

Samsung Galaxy Discover Android phone $29.99 (reg $129.99)  (Dec 1 - Jan 4)

eBay Online now Cyber Monday Deal Frenzy  New, used and refurbished phones

Current deals include:

Verizon Motorola Droid X, seller refurbished $47.99

Verizon Motorola Droid 3,  seller refurbished $59.99

Verizon HTC Incredible 2, new other $89.99

AT&T Motorola Atrix 2, seller refurbished $109.99

T-Mobile HTC Sensation 4G, new, unlocked $164.99

Kmart Cyber Monday Sale starts 12/1 12:01 AM, ends 12/3 11:59 PM Items also available in stores

Virgin Mobile Kyocera Event Android phone $29.99 (reg $59.99)

metroPCS Cyber Week Sale online now

Samsung Freeform M QWERTY candy bar Free with new activation  after mail in rebate (reg $59)

Alcatel 768 flip phone Free with new activation after mail in rebate (reg $49)

Huawei Pal candybar Free with new activation after mail in rebate (reg $29)

Samsung Galaxy Mega LTE Android phone $399.99 after mail in rebate  (reg $499.99)

Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE Android phone $519.00 after mail in rebate  (reg $499.99)

Motorola Sale starts Wed 12/4 at Noon EST.

Motorola Moto X (any carrier, any color) $349 (reg $499) Sold out There will be another sale 12/11 at noon EST.

Newegg.com Cyber Monday Week Sale Online now

Blu Studio 5.3II D550a Unlocked Dual SIM GSM Android Phone $144.99 with promo code CW1458 (reg 329.99)

Samsung Galaxy Note (SGH-I717 AT&T version) LTE Unlocked Android phone $269.99  with promo code CW1459 (reg $499.99)

Net10 Online now, ends TBA

Free overnight shipping on orders $19.99 and greater 

LG Optimus Net (Sprint) refurbished Android phone $19.99 with free $10 gift card

LG Optimus Q Sprint Android QWERTY slider $69.99 with  free $10 gift card

Radio Shack online now, ends Saturday. Most deals also available in stores

AT&T Avail 2 Android phone $49.99 (reg $79.99)

AT&T Nokia Lumia 520 Windows Phone $69.99 (reg $99.99)

Boost Mobile Kyocera Coast flip phone $9.99 (reg $29.99)

Boost Mobile Kyocera Hydro waterproof Android phone $29.99 (reg $79.99) Out of stock online

Boost Mobile Kyocera Hydro Edge waterproof Android phone $69.99 (reg $149.99)

Verizon LG Optimus Zone Android phone $39.99 (reg $79.99)

Verizon Samsung Illusion Android phone $69.99 (reg $99.99)

Virgin Mobile Kyocera Rise Android QWERTY slider $19.99 (reg $79.99) Out of stock online

Virgin Mobile ZTE Reef waterproof Android phone $79.99 (reg $149.99)

Virgin Mobile LG F3 LTE Android phone $69.99 (reg $179.99) Back in stock online

Straight Talk Cyber Week Sale Online now. Free overnight shipping on orders $29.99 and greater.

LG Optimus Q Sprint Android QWERTY slider $49.99 with  free $15 gift card

iPhone 5 16GB reconditioned $400 ($550.00 if new)

Target Online (and in stores) now. Sale ends 12/7

AT&T Nokia 520 $59.99 (reg $99.99) (in stores only - weekly ad pg 13)

Brightspot Samsung Galaxy SIII LTE Android phone $349.99 (online and in stores)

TracFone Alcatel 382G Big Easy candy bar $9.99 (reg $29.99) (in stores only - weekly ad pg 13)

T-Mobile Online now.

T-Mobile SIM Activation Kits are available in mini (aka regular), micro and nano sizes are FREE

T-Mobile (ZTE MF61) refurbished 4G Mobile Hotspot $58.00 (reg $72 if new)

T-Mobile (Huawei) Prism Android phone with $50 refill 79.99 (reg $149.99)

T-Mobile (ZTE) Concord refurbished Android phone $89.99 with $50 refill card (was $165.99)

Tracfone Online now Free Overnight Shipping with orders $19.99 or greater

Samsung T404G triple minutes for life QWERTY slider $19.99 with free $10 gas card

LG 530G triple minutes for life QWERTY candybar $39.99 with free $10 gas card

Virgin Mobile Online now

ZTE Awe Android phone $69.99 (reg $99.99)

ZTE Reef waterproof Android phone $90.99 (reg $129.99)

Samsung Galaxy Reverb Android phone $129.99 (reg $199.99)

LG Optimus F3 LTE Android phone $125.99 (reg $179.99)

HTC Desire LTE Android phone $195.99 (reg $279.99)

ZTE Supreme LTE Andorid phone $209.99 (reg $299.99)

Samsung Galaxy S III 4G LTE Android phone $319.99 (reg $399.99)

Apple iPhone 4S 16 GB $319.99 (was $449.99)

Walmart iconOnline now through midnight Saturday

Straight Talk Samsung Galaxy Centura (Verizon) Android phone $29.00 (reg $79.99) Out of stock online

Straight Talk Samsung Galaxy S3 (S960L Sprint) LTE Android phone $299.99 (reg $399.99) Back in stock online

T-Mobile Huawei Prism II Android phone $49.88 (reg $69.88)

T-Mobile Nokia Lumia 521 Windows Phone $79/95 (reg $99.99)

Updated 9:00 pM 12/5: Updated availability for all stores


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  1. Kyocera Event is $19.99 right now on Amazon.


  2. That $19.99 price for Kyo Event was "Ships from and sold by Amazon.com". But it completely sold out on the "Ships from and sold by Amazon.com" page for that phone within the past few minutes.

  3. Virgin sets the record for the lowest price for a new iPhone 5: $359.99 with free shipping. Save 20%.

  4. Ebay has cyber week deals with some pretty good values for BYOP plans. Incredible 2 for $60 and more. Scroll down to cell phone deals. You can click on "more" at the bottom to expand all phone offers.

    1. Thanks, I've added a link to the eBay deals to the post.

  5. Moto X at Google Play for $350 on Monday...

  6. Moto X not at Google Play...at Motorola

  7. AT&T - Nokia Lumia 520 4G for $ 49.99 @ Best Buy cyber Monday

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