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Free T-Mobile Prepaid SIMs Are Back For Two Days Only

T-Mobile Prepaid SIMs are free again on the T-Mobile Website. This time around you need to enter the prom code NOVSIM at check-out to make them free. The deal is supposed to be good today 11/11 and tomorrow 11/12 only.

There are two types of SIMs that are free with code NOVSIM:

Prepaid SIM Activation Kits which are for phones only. They contain a SIM and an activation code and can be used to activate a phone on any T-Mobile prepaid plan. SIM Activation Kits are available in mini (aka regular), micro and nano sizes.

Prepaid Mobile Broadband SIMs work in tablets and mobile broadband devices only. They are also available in mini, micro and nano sizes.

T-Mobile normally charges $10 for SIMs and activation kits.

Even if you don't need a SIM right now it's good to have a spare handy as SIMs do go south sometimes. An active or inactive T-Mobile SIM can also be used to get the data settings menu to appear when setting up an iPhone on AT&T MVNOs.

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  1. Not true actually. The sims are identical. I have a phone sim in my ipad now. Only diff is one comes with an activation code.

  2. If you activate a phone sim in an iPad, you have to do it via customer service is you want to use a mobile broadband plan. They have to do a workaround in their system. When I call customer service, my account shows up as an iPhone since I used a phone sim for an iPad mobile broadband plan. Also, you used to have to put the activated sim in a phone to receive the sms code to set up an online account for the mbb plan. With the new mbb site, they can also send the code to the email address you register in lieu of a sms message.

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