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Red Pocket $49.99 Plan Now Includes Unlimited Data, Throttled After 500 MB

AT&T MVNO Red Pocket Mobile has modified its $49.99 plan to include unlimited data. The plan, which used to come with 1 GB of data, now includes 500 MB of full speed HSPA+ data. After 500 MB data in a 30 day plan period data speeds are reduced. Full speed data resumes at the beginning of the next month.

RedPocket isn't saying what the throttled speed is but with other operators throttled speeds are usually either 128 Kbps or 256 Kbps.

While this change lets Red Pocket advertise unlimited data, I suspect most current $49.99 plan users won't consider it an improvement. At least Red Pocket's other plans (listed below) remain unchanged.

The $49.99 plan also includes unlimited domestic calling and texting, unlimited domestic and international MMS, unlimited inbound and 40 free outbound international texts and a $2 international call credit good for up to 200 minutes of international calls.

NamePrice VoiceDomestic Text/MMSData
Pay As You Go$8.33/mo and up. 110¢/min10¢/20¢30¢/MB
$13.99 7 day Plan$13.99/7 daysunlimitedunlimited10 MB
$19.99 Monthly Plan$19.99/mo250 min500 SMSNone
$22.99 15 Day Plan$22.99/15 daysunlimitedunlimited25 MB
$29.99 Monthly Plan$29.99/mounlimitedunlimited SMS & MMS100 MB 2
$39.99 Monthly Plan$39.99/mounlimitedunlimited SMS & MMS500 MB 2
$49.99 Monthly Plan$49.99/mounlimitedunlimited SMS & MMSunlimited 3
$54.99 Monthly Plan$54.99/mounlimitedunlimited SMS & MMS 1.5 GB 2
$59.99 Monthly Plan$59.99/mounlimitedunlimited SMS & MMS 3 GB 2
1 $8.33 is the minimum monthly cost which is achieved by using a $25 top up every 90 days
2 Additional data is available by adding a $9.99 (250 MB) or $19.99 (1 GB) Data Refill PIN. The additional data expires when the current monthly plan expires.
3 First 500 MB at full HSPA+ speeds

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  1. Have you heard anything yet about Red Pocket offering Sprint service? Two source sites reported on this back in August. http://www.fiercewireless.com/story/red-pocket-att-mvno-add-sprint-services/2013-08-07 and http://www.freemobiledataplans.org/red-pocket-expands-mvno-service-using-sprint-network-best-mvno-at-free-mobile-data-plans/595

    1. Yes, I've heard about Red Pocket offering Sprint service but it hasn't happened and seems to be delayed.

  2. It does seem to be a rather blah new offering. Frankly, I'm rather disappointed that MVNOs provide very little concrete information on what their data offerings provide. For example, where is it written what the data speeds are like to begin with on Red Pocket, and what will they be throttled to after you reach 500 mb? Not singling out Red Pocket on this--they all do it. As much as we all like to complain about the major providers, they are a bit more open about what is and what is not included in their plans.

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